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biline's 2006 Ford Mustang GT Xmod

What can I say about this car except that it has become my new favorite!
(click any photo to enlarge)

This Xmod has many of the standard upgrades such as the 'AWD' drive kit and of course the suspension and Ball Bearing kits as well. I've installed some of those metal Lock-nuts for the wheels as I've been cracking the plastic ones fairly regularly and losing my wheels! The stripe was added from the supplied decals and looks good on this car.

I've left the body fairly stock the only replacement parts are the rear side windows and the front of the Mustang. I looked at all the replacement parts and almost went for the white hood with blue stripe but settled for the look of the stock hood. If you look close at the battery tray you'll notice I'm running with the Sanyo 1000mAh batteries that I ordered from rcmart.com (you can read about them Here)

I like the attention to detail here as the dual exhaust is chrome as the licence plate frame and gas cap are also chrome trimmed with black in the center with the white lettering showing.

I choose this front because the lower edge sticks out just far enough that any accidents I have will only damage the lip rather than the actual front-end.

I recently went a little crazy ordering alloy parts from rcmart.com and PerformanceXmods.com Then I installed a High Performance motor from
main-iac-motors.com I have installed all these parts so far.

  • Alloy Front Dog Bone
  • Alloy Rear Dog Bone
  • Alloy Steering Plate
  • Alloy Wheel Shafts
  • Alloy Motor Heat Sink
  • 2mm Aluminum Lock Nut
  • Sealed Bearings
  • 35T Hand wound in Atomic Can
  • Wheel Shims

This car Moves fast and runs very quiet and smooth thanks to the sealed bearings and alloy upgrades. The motor while having lots of torque runs pretty cool compared with other motors I've used, you can read the review of it Here

I do realize that most of the Xmods in the Builders section are now mine but hey send yours in with a decent description and I'll be glad to add it to this section! just click on my name below to contact me.

All of the pictures and information contained within the www.biline.ca website are the property of Jeff Mathurin please do NOT use any of the contents of this website without consent. If you would like to contact me for any reason then feel free to use the contact form by clicking Here