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Flashing the TSOP of your Xbox Tutorial

X-Box UXE Softmod Installation tutorial

Flash the Firmware of your Xbox 360

Xbox 5.1 Digital surround sound system Review

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Nintendo Wii Softmod Tutorial

Nintendo Wii
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Fieldrunners Grasslands endless Level 795 Strategy

Welcome to the Video Games Section

  This section deals with Video Games and the Consoles we play them on! Start with some homebrew modding with the tutorials included within this section or check out my Game review lists to quickly find a game it's rating and some basic info including the 'Cover Art'. Have fun!

April 5th 2013
I know it's been awhile but this article is for anyone playing Fieldrunners and wants to know how to get to level 795 have a look Here

Jan 8th 2009
Wow some new content for the newly renamed 'Video Games Section' this is obviously due to a Christmas that included the Nintendo Wii Gaming console so enjoy!

  • I added the Nintendo Games Review Section, click Here to visit
  • I have added an article of how to Softmod your Nintendo Wii to allow Homebrew Applications it's fairly simple so have a look Here.

July 26th 2007
Well since it appears to be getting difficult to obtain the older Xbox memory cards I have added instructions on how to use a USB Flash Memory stick with the Xbox, have a read by clicking Here

June 4th 2007
Looks like someone with vastly superior experience in speaker reviews has been rather astounded by the Spherex 5.1 and it's none other then the highly regarded Peter Aczel from The Audio Critic, please have a read by clicking Here.

July 1st 2006
I have added a tutorial on Flashing the Firmware of your Xbox 360 DVD-Drive, click Here to read.

June 15th 2006
I added a review of the Xbox 5.1 Digital Surround Sound System, click Here to read.

April 11th 2006
I added a new tutorial about the Ndure softmod installer, click Here to read.

June 9th 2005
I added the Xbox Games Review Section, click Here to visit.

January 25th 2004
I added the Tutorial on Soft Modding any Xbox using the UXE Exploit, click Here to read.

August 27th 2004
I've added Xbox F.A.Q all your questions answered, click Here to read.

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