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Welcome to Ottawa, Canada...

So are you planning a trip to Canada's capital or do you live in the area and wondered what this section is about? In either case this section should interest you as I plan to add lots of content to this section. This section currently contains a complete listing of all the Museums, Attractions and Historic sites that can be found in the Ottawa area and beyond.

As I have visited many of these places I felt others might enjoy the photos and information I've gathered on various family trips. Hopefully you'll discover a few places you never thought of visiting and perhaps avoid a few you may have been thinking about visiting. The list contains close to 400 attractions so I've tried to break the list into smaller sections which are listed above in the main section area please click on the area that interests you.

The list below is the specific attractions I've managed to write about or at the very least managed to find some photos in my collection, so if you wish to jump to a specific attraction the list is below

View photos of some Landmarks you may see when visiting the Nation's Capital, have a look Here.

Hopefully you'll enjoy visiting the spots as much as I have or at the very least enjoy the photos!

News and Updates

April 26th 2012
I added Funhaven Entertainment Centre to the Ottawa area Historic sites and attractions page

May 25th 2011
I added information and photos of Altitude Gym and Clip' n Climb, click Here to read

Nov 15th 2008
I added information and Photos of The Billings Estate Museum, click Here to read

Nov 14th 2008
I added information and photos about the Spooky Wagon ride at Cannamore Orchards, click Here to read

Aug 20th 2008
I added information and photos from the Papanack Zoo, click Here to read

Aug 19th 2008
Added some information about Pinhey's Point Hertiage Park and Museum it`s also the place where Riverfest is held during the last long-weekend in August, click Here to read

Aug 11th 2008
I spent the Canada Day celebrations this year at Petrie Island and of course have a few photos and info for you, click Here to read.

Aug 10th 2008
I added Information and Photos from the Maple Sugarfest held in Richellieu Park, click Here to read.

Aug 10th 2008
We were recently at the Château Montebello so I took a few photos, click Here to read.

Aug 10th 2008
I added our recent visit to the Foley Mountain Conservation Area near the town of Westport, the panorama photo is worth a look, click Here to read.

Aug 10th 2008
We recently went back to visit Parc Safari so I have updated my previous article with many new photos and information, click Here to read.

Aug 9th 2008
I revisited the Bonnechere caves this summer and have replaced most of the photos that were in the original article with newer ones so have a look, click Here to read

Aug 1st 2008
Looks like the article on Storyland is worth posting as it's impending demise has passed and a new owner for the park has given Storyland a new lease on life, click Here to read.

Nov 14th 2007
I added an article on the "Third World Bazaar" located in Manotick this is a must visit as it's only open in the Fall for a few weekends, you can read it Here

April 13th 2007
I added an article called Customer Service where does it begin? it doesn't really go with this section but since it relates to Ottawa, Canada Ii felt I should at least post a link, you can read it Here

April 12th 2007
Sorry I've been catching up on all my photos so I have added the following sections
Old Quebec (the walled city) and La Citadelle
Niagara Falls & Clifton Hill
Canadian Museum of Nature
Mont Tremblant Resort
I also updated the photos on the Winterlude page with some from the 2007 season

April 4th 2007
I Added Little Ray's Reptile Zoo to the Historic sites and attractions section

Sept 28th 2006
Changed the entire section and added close to 300 new attractions to the list.

July 4th 2006
I added The Bank of Canada Currency Museum to the Museums section.

July 2nd 2006
I added some photos of the Canada Day Celebrations, click Here to view.

June 27th 2006
I added the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum to the Museums section.

June 23rd 2006
Added a review of the Mt. Cascades Waterpark and slide to the Historic sites and attractions section

March 24th 2006
I also added a new article about Tubing at Edelweiss to the Historic sites and attractions section

July 13th 2005
Added this new section called Ottawa, Canada

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