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Park Safari

The official web site is www.parcsafari.com
This park is located a good distance away so its not a drive most families may wish to take but if you do it's well worth the drive the park has an outstanding array of animals and a full amusement park (with rides) and a water playground complete with slides and a waterfall!
Click on any photo to enlarge

Entrance to Parc Safari

This glass walkway allows visitors to get very close to the animals

Here you see just how close visitors get to the White Lion!

Here's my photo in the walkway (good thing the glass is thick)

In the Deer park you can feed and pet the Deer

Entertainment for the Young and Young at Heart

The Water tube ride is a relaxing way to visit the pool areas

This is the main pool with a slide and fountains.

Now you drive along the 5 km trail to see the various animals

A Zebra waits for a a hand-out of food along the trail

Careful the Ostrich's are willing to stick their necks out for that food

This one is behind a fence but seems gentle enough

These are Stag-Horn Deer

We get to drive by the Lama's

Here's one looking for a snack

Camel's are larger in person

My daughter hanging out of the Van's sunroof to feed the Camel

These guys have quite the tongue (sticky too)

Keep walking buddy

This guy had better not get to close to the window

Even the Giraffe's were willing to approach for some food

These guys were out in full force

Expect traffic jams as the animals seem to love blocking the road

This photo is from the over-head boardwalk in the main Park.


We had been to Parc Safari in 2002 and returned in 2008 so we had a chance to see what upgrades had been done and for the most part the drive-thru Safari remains fairly unchanged. I was surprised to find a sign indicating the tour through the Safari would take 120 Minutes but I soon found out why, it would appear the Safari has become quite popular as we literally halted for long periods of time to proceed through an area as everyone stopped to feed,pet and photograph (guilty) the animals, often leading to traffic usually reserved for a construction zone during rush hour! It did take us close to 2 hours to drive through a mere 5km trail but the kids were so busy enjoying themselves that I seemed to be the only one wishing we would move along a little faster. They do sell Food to feed the animals for $2 at the entrance but many visitors had brought apples and carrots which seemed to be the preference for those animals who were looking for a snack.

Once you've finished the Safari it's time to hit the main park and I will admit the addition of a Glass walkway through the Lion and Tiger pens certainly makes viewing the Lions and Tigers a new experience as the Tigers and Lions are free to walk over the walkway and often lounge within a few feet of visitors. The Water park at Parc Safari is a great way to relieve yourself from the hot sun and the kids of course love anything to do with water. The park area also has plenty of distractions for the kids ranging from jungle gyms and rope climbing playgrounds to optional rides on Elephants,Camels and every little kids favorite the pony (small fee reguired). The Amusement rides can be enjoyed for a small fee of $3 per person and this gives you unlimited rides for the day. Parc Safari describes the rides as classics that have been rescued and preserved for all to enjoy.

At most Tourist attractions the food and drinks are certainly not bargain priced and the prices here were no worse than any other similar attraction that I'm sure you've attended. On a positive side a large sheltered picnic table area is available for those who wish to bring snacks and food with them.

I suggest (considering the long drive and entrance fee) that you plan to stay for at least five hours as the drive-thru Safari will take about two hours and visiting the other animals within the park will add another hour. Assuming you lets the kids try all the play areas then add another hour which leaves any remaining time for the water park areas and expect a wait if you plan to go for a water tube ride. The souvenir shops are also quite large and offer a surprisingly large assortment of gift ideas so many of you will spend a fair amount of time here as well.

Parc safari offers a unique family outing with enough things to do and see to keep all family members busy so it's well worth the drive, but from Ottawa it takes close to three hours and with the price of gas of late it's not going to be cheap.

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