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Fieldrunners Grasslands endless Level 795 Strategy

Fieldrunners Grasslands endless Level 795 Strategy

Fieldrunners is Tower defence game that is available on multiple platforms I happen to enjoy the Android version and when a few other people I knew started playing it we would trash talk about how far we could get in the Grasslands level in endless mode, most of us were lucky to hit level 500 so I started to look around just to see how far somebody could get and I heard some talk of levels in the 700's and I saw a few videos on Youtube showing the same thing (some were higher but it's the iPad version and I think some cheat was used). So I was bound and determined to hit as close as possible to these 700+ levels and it became an addiction! After many many hours I managed to get to Level 795 and the screenshots I took every 25 levels will prove that it is possible and I will explain the strategy I used. So sit back and cruise through the levels with me and remember you can click on any of the screenshots for a 1280x800 version.

The first 25 levels go quick and I start out my basic pattern that will take us through the whole game you can see the almost complete pattern in the screenshot of Level 50. The reason I don't complete it right away is that we need a Mortar installed by level 22-23 or some stuff will get through (in case you missed it the mortar location I start with is in the red box and I start with 4 Glue towers).

I use a rule of 1:2 which is for every fully upgraded mortar I install 2 glue towers and fully upgrade these also, try and place them a square/grid apart for the time being and back fill later.

For mortars I use a 2:1 rule, the way it works is I place 2 fully upgraded mortars on the left side of the RED line and then next mortar goes on the right side of the RED line (in the snap above my next one will go on the right side right beside the one that is already placed).

You'll notice the bottom half of the screen is empty as I find no reason to fill it until much later as nothing will start to get near the exit until level 200+

You'll notice the glue towers are getting back filled now and I start near the exit when doing this as we need the most stopping power near the exit. Now if you look at snapshot of level 250 you'll see a red square right below the gun tower at the exit door. This tower will be sold as needed to open a new route to the exit which you will then block with a new gun tower right below the location it was sold from, this makes the enemy have to back-track around the line of defences once more which should kill off any that are left, repeat the process as needed.

Still back filling in those glue towers and now I start putting mortars higher up, these are placed so that the firing arc is always in line with the blimps which means they fire non-stop through the full radius.

Still back filling in those glue towers, try to have them all in by level 175 or you may have issues.

Level 200 and still no towers on the bottom half but that changes as we need to install them before level 250 to help us get that blimp.

So here is the final lay-out , our goal here is to keep the enemy bogged down until you can use the tower at the exit to reroute them as needed. I suggest using regular speed when they get close and then pause the game to make the switch as doing so on the fly will probably cause you to make an error and let some escape by accident.

Make sure you pause at the very beginning of Level 250 and remove all the gun towers marked with red Boxes and Opps I managed to draw on in green remove it also (but not the one by the exit). Your screen should look like the one below. The trick here is that the robots will run below and will not draw any fire away from the blimp. Simply use the exit tower trick to send them back and forth until the blimp is taken out. Then send the robots up to the higher track (normal entrance) and block them back in by putting the tower back that was taken out near the entrance.


Not much here keep adding towers.

Still have 20 lives!


Level 300 use the same trick as in level 250 but watch for when the first row of mortars no longer fires at the blimp then pause and sell these 3 mortar towers and place new ones at the locations marked by the green boxes (you'll need to sell a gun tower from just above) see the snapshot below to confirm.


Once the blimp is dead you need to replace any missing mortars with gun towers until you can replace them with mortars once again.


Still have 20 Lives!


Level 350 is almost exactly the same but we need to sell the 4 towers marked in red and place them on the green squares as in the snapshot below.


From here on out just follow the mortar placements.


Level 400 we just leave everything alone as the blimp just gets to hard to kill!


Keep going...


Keep going...


Just a note the enemy line is sometimes really long and the old trick at the exit doesn't work very well so I modify it with the entrance gun tower by selling it and pacing one right beside where it was this makes them return to the entrance and from here we can just send them around again (see snapshot 550 if you need a better idea of what I mean).


Keep going...


Keep going...


Keep going...


I mentioned previously the new trick to stop those longer line of assaults and you will need to start using it around this level.


Level 600 with 12 Lives pretty good....


Keep going...


Now those helicopters are going to start sneaking by not much can be done!


Keep going...


Keep going...


Level 700 with 5 lives!


Keep going...


Keep going...


Level 795 with one life left and I can't stop them anymore, Game OVER Man!


Final score


It may be possible to hit level 800 by modifying the strategy a little at level 400 where I decide to let the blimp through you would have to sell 5 or 6 mortar towers and move them to have a hope of getting the blimp and the lost money from selling starts to really add up so I decided to just leave things be from level 400+ but it could work out and let you reach a higher level than I did.


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