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Review of Purchases from Maine-iac-motors.com

Maine-iac-motors-rc.com is probably my favorite pick for ordering products, they offer a great selection of motors and parts at good prices Eric really knows his motors and provides one thing no other site does 'The Facts' no bragging just the facts about each motor backed up with testing and benchmarks from his Motor Master V3.0c full disclosure about the amount of 'Turns' and the measured RPM at 4.8 Volts with the current draw. I find this very refreshing after reading site after site of claims to have the 'Best' or 'Fastest' motor for your Xmod! Maine-iac-motors-rc is run by Eric Nager and he also sells some unique parts and tools based on his experience with Xmods and as a result you'll often see little extras he adds based on his experience. One of these touches is that every motor he sells is broken-in before leaving to ensure it arrives ready to run.

Order was Placed: Feb 19th 2006
Order was Shipped: Feb 21st 2006
Order was Received: Mar 1st 2006

Products Ordered:
1 x Cutter/Stripper in one $11.00
2 x 35T Hand wound in Atomic Can $25.99
1 x Oil for Bearings $6.75
3 x Silver Nylon Insert Lock Aluminum Lug Nuts $4.00
1 x Comm. Drops $10.50
1 x Wheel Shims $2.00
1 x 4mm 4MM Nut Driver $4.95
Subtotal: $99.18
Shipping & Handling: $7.25
Total: $106.43

The return address on the package was:
Eric Nager
286 Pension Ridge Road
P.O. Box 381
Boothbay, Me 04537

Since I'm located in Canada I'm required to pay any import duties and a 7% tax called the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and another 8% PST (Provincial Sales Tax) on all items imported into Canada. The package that was sent by Maine-iac-motors-rc.com arrived via regular mail and I was not hit with any Duties or Taxes I prefer getting items this way as Couriers will always collect the duties and Taxes and charge a fee for doing this which can vary from as low as $5 to $30 depending on the couriers rate.

The motors were shipped in foam Padding to prevent damage during shipping while the other pieces were left in their original packages and were packed in a suitably sized standard white shipping box.

The Parts in Detail

What follows is the description of each part from the maine-iac-motors-rc.com website that was ordered. Directly below is my thoughts 'Good', 'Bad' or 'Ugly' about my experience with the product.


35T Hand wound in Atomic Can
$25.99 (Feb 2006)

ONLY AT Maine-iac-Motors This motor you will not find any were else. We use the 35T hand wound armature, big silver comm., Atomic Ball bearing can quality carbon brushes I like the looks and the better cooling this can gives. This is way I offered this setup it mite be a little more money but it?s worth it in the long run. Remember I have already broken in the motor for you so there will be no DOA. It's ready to run when you get it. I use nothing but the best comm drops and bearing oil. Comes with directions on how to take care of your motor


My Thoughts on the 35T Hand wound in Atomic Can

First thing I need to mention is that for some reason on both the motors I ordered one of the 104 caps that are soldered onto the 'Can' had a cold-solder joint, a cold-solder joint is when the metals to be soldered were not heated enough to form a proper bond which results in the wire popping off the surface it was soldered to. As I was soldering the motor connector wires I simply applied enough heat to the problem area to form a proper joint (I have contacted Eric and he will ensure any future shipments will not have this issue).

The Second thing I noticed which is strange is related to the strength of the magnetic field made by the Neo Magnets, basically when I rotated the armature the amount of force required to overcome the magnets was about nearly double that of the RT-2 motors I purchased from PerformanceXmods.com (click here to view) I e-mailed Eric to see if he had any thoughts on the issue and he replied that without actually seeing the motor it was impossible to tell but he did suggest that Neo magnets come in different strengths.

Now I have to repeat a recurring theme I have about Xmods and my feeling towards upgrades, as much as I like changing/modding various parts of my Xmod I try to stay somewhat true to the base Xmod, I won't change the electronics or deviate from the 4 'AAA' power supply system. I will play with motors and magnets and even windings but it must all work with the stock electronics!

The other important thing (at least to me) is that I want all of these upgrades to be installable by anyone who wants to try, they should leave the Xmod in its basic stock configuration, If you have to drill holes cut parts or do any sort of major change then I it falls under what I call the extreme makeover section. I realize that Li-ions or 5/6 cell upgrades are great but I'm aiming at keeping the Xmod as stock as possible this means all the upgrades I review will be available and easy enough for the basic Xmods user to follow to attempt!

So based on the principals above I can safely say this motor is in my opinion the best motor upgrade you can purchase for your Xmod period (Gen1 or Evo)! The reasons are simple the motor has extreme torque it runs cool and will work without any FET upgrades, it puts out 44610 RPM at the stock 4.8 Volts and has user replaceable brushes. Listen Torque will win more races than a cars top speed ever will because your car will reach the slightly slower top speed almost instantly while the other guys car will need time to reach any speed faster than you have already arrived at.

The other really important and overlooked item when comparing motor is the current draw the more current a motor draws the more heat it will need to dissipate while running, expect a motor with a draw of 2 amps to run close to twice as hot as a motor drawing only 1 amp, hence the term 'Hot' winds or 'Hot' motors. more amp draw also means a much quicker drain on your batteries. This motor draws a respectable .79 amps has a very high RPM and loads of torque and will run very cool compared to the other motors in the comparison list below. I will admit if you are adding Li-on extra Cells or whatever then this motor may not be your best choice, for the rest of you place your order now before Eric runs out! For more 'Motor Theory' have a read Here

Comparison of similar high RPM motors
Motor Type
Plasma Dash by Tamiya
EVO Rocket by Maine-iac-Motor
Power Dash by Tamiya
35T Hand wound by Maine-iac-Motor


Nylon Insert Lock Aluminum Lug Nuts
$4.00 (Feb 2006)

(Shipped 5 per order) Replace your poor quailty lug nuts with nylon insert nuts for your X-Mods. They need a 4mm nut driver the stock one will not work.


My Thoughts on the Nylon Insert Lock Aluminum Lug Nuts

These are a must! I have broken countless numbers of those darn plastic ones that come with the Xmods kits and I have literally lost wheels! I believe the reason for the problem stems from the upgrade to high performance motors as I never had the problem previously. The day I put the 35T in my Corvette I lost a wheel and found another cracked wheel nut that was about to fail so I took out my hummer which had a similar upgrade and lost the front wheel within 10 minutes of driving arghh!

I have ordered many of these from various places and Eric at Maine-iac-motors-rc.com must have read my mind as I have yet to find anyone else offering a 4mm tool to install these things (More Info on the tool below) I tried installing these with a pair of long nose pliers and of course cross threaded the darn nut than I proceeded to loose one on the floor and do you think I can find it! Eric sells 5 per order do you think he's lost one from time to time also?

Are the ones sold at maine-iac-motors-rc.com better than any others I've tried?
Probably not but he at least sells you 5 per order and actually sells the 4mm nut driver you'll want to install them!


Wheel Shims
$2.00 (Feb 2006)

Nylon Washers are used for removing the end play from your Xmods. I used nylon because I do not like removing metal form my bearings when I cleaned them. The small hole is used between lug nut and rim. The large hole is used between rim and hub.


My Thoughts on the Wheel Shims

For the low price of two dollars I can't see any reason not to pick some of these up as the do exactly what Eric says, they remove the end play from your Xmods Wheels and being made of Plastic you won't be removing metal form your bearings I cleaning them! Truth be told I tried to make some of these with a belt hole punch and some plastic sheets I had purchased I think I spent close to $15 and while they worked I think these are probably a better bet for the rest of you.


Tribo Commutator Drops
$10.50 (Feb 2006)

If you're serious about maxium performance you need these commutator drops. This revolutionary formula has been special made by Team Tribo. Unlike many forumula's, Tribo forumula offers true results!

Tribo Commutator Drops:
Chemically and physically bonds with metal surfaces.
Prevents burning, glazing and scarring of the commutator.
Extends the life of brushes.
Enhances current flow from the brushes to the commutator.
Reduces friction, heat, wear and vibration.
Extends motor life.
Increases RPM's and torque.
Unlike other formula's, this forumula lasts longer - does not power fade!
Inhibits the formation of deposits, rust, corrosion and oxidation.
Holds dirt and contaminants in suspension safely away from vital motor surfaces
Comm. Drops

As you know, there is a lot more to winning a race than just making your vehicle go faster. POWER MATRIX's ability to dramatically reduce friction, heat, wear and vibration allows electric motors to operate far more efficiently. In effect, less current is required to operate an electric motor. As a result, battery charge life is significantly increased, translating into more sustained power and extended run time. These benefits not only provide more flexibility in terms of setting-up/tuning" your vehicle (e.g. number of "winds", gearing), but also allow you to concentrate more on your driving.


My Thoughts on the Tribo Commutator Drops

I have no way to measure the effectiveness of these so I can only tell you that in my limited capacity they appear to work as described. My thoughts on this are simple you have nothing to loose and lots to gain even if they only deliver on 1/2 the claims it will help keep the motor cool increase torque and prevent some wear right?


Trinty Oil for Bearings
$6.75 (Feb 2006)

High temperature oil designed especially for the ball bearings in today's breed of high revving, high temperature modified motors. Does not gum up when heated like other brands


My Thoughts on the Trinty Oil for Bearings

Again I'm no expert in oils but it makes sense an Oil designed to be light for high-revving bearing should not impede the bearings and we all know they need to oiled from time to time so use the old 3-in-1 sewing machine oil or one designed for the right bearing? its up to you to decide I guess.

  Wire Cutter and Stripper in one
$11.00 (Feb 2006)

I have one of these on my work bench I think it's the best thing since slice bread. No shop should be with out one. It can handles 26 AWG to 14 AWG with no stripping holes to locate. Cutting head is full-flush cutting and low-profile with stainless steel, induction hardened jaws.

My Thoughts on the Wire Cutter and Stripper in one

Where has this tool been hiding! Seriously dude I have worn-out front teeth from constantly stripping those thin wires that other strippers never work with. You know what I mean it either cuts right through the wire or it doesn't strip the wire at all. These seem to work well with all sizes of wires and you don't have to line up those darn holes while trying to figure out which hole is going to cut or actually strip the wire! The clincher is the compact size and the fact they also serve as a nice pair of wire cutters. I agree with Eric "it's the best thing since sliced bread, no shop should be with out one."


4MM Nut Driver
$ 4.95 (Feb 2006)

To be used with the replacement Lug Nuts sold at this site and others


My Thoughts on the 4MM Nut Driver

Why is it every website seems to sell the wheel nuts but no one sells the 4mm nut driver to put the darn things on? As I mentioned previously I tried installing these with a pair of long nose pliers and of course cross threaded the darn nut.

The 4mm Nut driver itself appears to be well made it has a rubber texture to help your grip on the handle and it works fine for the intended purpose.


These motors are from a previous order I had made:

  The Blue Power SE EVO
$15.00 (Feb 2006)

is the fastest stock motor that does not need a FET's upgrade. It comes with 45 turns of 31AWG armature and strong stock magnets. This motor has a good balance between torque and speed. To help it's performance it has a ball bearing end-bell. It's safe to use in stock Xmods

  The Blue Power SE
$14.00 (Feb 2006)

is the fastest stock motor that does not need a FET's upgrade. It comes with 47 turns of 31AWG armature and strong stock magnets. This motor has a good balance between torque and speed. To help it's performance it has a ball bearing end-bell. It's safe to use in stock Xmods

  The Blue Stock
$12.99 (Feb 2006)

is powerful stock race motor It comes with 50 turns of 31AWG on the armature, strong stock magnets, it normally comes with a bushing can but I received a ball-bearing end-bell with my order.

My Thoughts on these Blue Power motors

Any of these motors are good choices for a stock replacement for the base motor or even the Stage 3 motor upgrade, the open vented 'Can' allows for a cooler running motor and the addition of ball-bearings and stronger magnets means they'll deliver more torque and since all of these spin faster than the 30K rating given to the stage 2 motors you should see a nice increase in the top speed. Remember at the prices these motors are offered at you won't need to spend a fortune to get a nice performance boost. For more 'Motor Theory' have a read Here


Well I'm done hope this helps you choose your next motor but first check out the next section for some ideas of parts you should be looking for in your next motor.

"Extreme motors require the best parts"


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