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Review of Purchases from PerformanceXmods.com

This may seem confusing but UndergroundXmods.com is actually PerformanceXmods.com the reason is probably over a name change but it doesn't really matter what they call themselves these guys offer a great selection of parts and motors. They offer a no questions asked refund on any motor purchase that you are unhappy with. This is my first time dealing with PerformanceXmods.com and the details of my order follow below, note all prices listed are in U.S. Dollars

Order was Placed: Feb 12th 2006
Order was Shipped: Feb 22nd 2006
Order was Received: Feb 28th 2006

Products Ordered:
1 x Rear Universal Wheel Saft-1PR (Silver) $6.69
1 x RT-2 Modified Motor $25.95
1 x Truck Front Skid Plate-1PC (Silver) $3.99
1 x Universal Motor Heat Sink- 1PC (Silver) $4.95
1 x Touring Front Steering Plate-0 Deg (Silver) $4.69
1 x Antenna Sleeve $1.99
1 x Evo Sealed Bearings-14PC $19.95
Sub-Total: $68.21
Flat Rate (Best Way): $6.25 (The actual Shipping cost was $5.50)
Total: $74.46

The return address on the package was:
Michael Pohorecki
2140 Nevada Dr.
Liberal Ks, 67901

Since I'm located in Canada I'm required to pay any import duties and a 7% tax called the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and another 8% PST (Provincial Sales Tax) on all items imported into Canada. The package that was sent by PerformanceXmods.com arrived via regular mail and I was not hit with any Duties or Taxes I prefer getting items this way as Couriers will always collect the duties and Taxes and charge a fee for doing this which can vary from as low as $5 to $30 depending on the couriers rate.

The items were packaged in a single envelope and a layer of bubble-wrap was thrown around the contents, everything arrived without any signs of damage. During the transaction I was sent a confirmation of shipping e-mail and they explained the slight delay in shipping was due to the fact some items were back ordered.

The Parts in Detail

What follows is the description of each part from the PerformanceXmods.com website that was ordered. Directly below is my thoughts 'Good', 'Bad' or 'Ugly' about my experience with the product.

RT-2 Modified Motor Offers:
Ball Bearing Case
Super Ventilated Endbell
High Temperature Endbell
NEO Magnets
High Performance Silver Brushes
Super Flex 18g Wire
104 Caps
High Count Wind
Ultra Low Amp Consumption
Motor Stays Extra Cool

RT-2 Modified Motor
$25.95 (Feb 2006)

The RT-2 Modified motor has been specifically designed for off roading. Like the RT-1, it has been designed to displace large amounts of torque to the wheels at fairly low RPM.

The RT-2 is perfect for trucks other off road vehicles which go where the pavement ends. Compared to other similar motors, the RT-2 has considerably better performance at low gear ratios. Its high count wind offers excellent torque and very low amp consumption. When times get tough, the RT-2 Modified motor will pull you through.

FET Stock Motor On Generation 1 & Evo Xmod

Note: This motor is designed for off road driving. It offers very low speed due to wind. We highly recommend running this motor on a 8 or 9 tooth pinion. When running this motor above 6.0v, we highly recommend purchasing comm drops to prevent possible damage.


My Thoughts on the RT-2 Modified Motor.....

The first thing I noticed was that the '104 Caps' (part in the red circle) were missing from the motor. The '104 Caps' are required to prevent 'Interference' in the 'Radio' section that could cause issues trying to control the RC car.

The Second thing I noticed which is strange (and I don't have an answer yet) is related to the strength of the magnetic field made by the Neo Magnets, basically when I rotated the armature the amount of force required to overcome the magnets was about half of two nearly identical motors I purchased from Maine-iac-motors (click here to view). I decided to e-mail PerformanceXmods regarding these two issues and suggested they could send the missing '104 caps' directly to me and I would install them when they arrived. I received an e-mail shortly afterwards stating they were sorry and asking for more information about my second issue which I sent on Mar 3rd 2006. I'm still waiting for a response and for a confirmation that they have shipped the '104 Caps', when I get either I will update this section.

Alas due to the above issues I will have to delay any testing......


Evo Sealed Bearings - 14 Pieces
$19.95 (Feb 2006)

Evo Sealed Bearings:
12) 6x10x2.5mm Shielded Bearings
2) 3x6x3mm bearings

ABEC-5 Rated
Reduces Friction & Improves Speed.


My Thoughts on the Evo Sealed Bearings -14PC

I purchased these for use in my Hummer H2 my reasoning behind sealed bearings is that in being sealed no dirt should find it's way into the bearing and cause problems while open bearings allows contaminants to get in and will require cleaning to remove the contaminants.

These bearing are rated as ABEC-5 (Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee. This committee works to determine the standards for bearings) the ABEC scale classifies different accuracy and tolerance ranges for bearings, the rating system is based on level of "noise" detected at high revolutions. The more the noise heard from a spinning bearing, the LOWER the rating. The less noise heard from bearing, the HIGHER the rating, 'Noise' refers to friction and other factors the ABEC ratings are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

NOTE: The ABEC Rating will NOT tell you how freely a bearing will rotate, that can only be determined by rotating the bearing and comparing it with another similar size bearing, in fact the oil or grease used will account more for the rotational characteristics than the bearings ABEC rating!

I haven't installed these yet as I'm waiting for some other parts to arrive before I tear down the Hummer to install these. Update March 9 2006 These seem to be very close to the stock bearings I have not noticed any real difference in the rotational characteristics of each bearing.


EVO Rear Universal Wheel Shaft - 1 Pair
$6.69 (Feb 2006)

This is a universal part.
Fits both Touring & Truck class.


My Thoughts on the Evo Rear Universal Wheel Shaft.

Whenever you upgrade to a high-performance motor the stress on the drive-line will increase proportionally based on the torque and final drive-line running speed, the plastic parts in a stock Evo may not be up to the task and may suffer severe wear and tear or worse complete failure! Enter the alternative, lightweight high strength alloy parts, these should easily outperform the plastic counterparts and reduce any possibility of breakage while lasting significantly longer.

The main issue I have is where do you stop adding alloy parts? If you only change one section the other parts that lie within the section maybe adversely affected and they may fail faster. I have ordered alloy dogbones from another vender as I feel using the stock plastic ones with alloy shafts is a recipe for disaster.

I have noticed the stock shafts are often slightly off causing unwanted vibration, this may be due to the way the metal post is embedded into the plastic. The alloy shafts should be straight and true being cast or machined in a single piece.

Again I'm waiting for more parts to fully test these but so far they are proving to be a very worthwhile upgrade to any Evo and a must for those sporting high-performance motors.



Evo Truck Front Skid Plate
$3.99 (Feb 2006)

Includes Supplied Screw

My Thoughts on the Evo Truck Front Skid Plate

This part offers no real advantage other than the look of an alloy part over its plastic counterpart (which is in the photo on the left).
I suppose one could argue the alloy replacement will be more durable but I suspect any collision that would break the plastic one would more than likely cause some damage to the entire truck!



Evo Touring Front Steering Plate - 0 Deg
$4.69 (Feb 2006)


My Thoughts on the Evo Touring Front Steering Plate

So far I have seen little evidence that this upgrade helps or improves the steering of your Evo as this replacement is available in the same degrees as the ones that are in the High Performance suspension Kit. The only reason I see to bother ordering these would be if you didn't want to bother with the kit offered by Radio Shack. Obviously some of you will want to change everything to alloy for strength or just to create a uniform look, if that's you take on this fine go for it! Everyone else can probably spend the money elsewhere...


Evo Universal Motor Heat Sink
$4.95 (Feb 2006)

My Thoughts on the Evo Universal Motor Heat Sink

I figured if this part is made from any metal other than steel it should help pull any access heat away from the motor faster than the one that comes with the Stage 3 motor upgrade (as shown in the photo on the left) but I ran into an interesting dilemma the stock heat-sink has slots than allow air into the vents of high-performance motors such as the RT-2 and the alloy heat-sink has a greater surface area to draw the heat away from the motor, which is best? As I don't have the tools to measure and test I'm going to have to sit on the fence until I have more information.


Antenna Sleeve
$1.99 (Feb 2006)

The antenna sleeve is designed to protect your antenna from bending. Most importantly, it protects your antenna from touching a possible power source and frying your range inductors. Bright color offers great visibility as well!

Antenna Sleeve:
Protects antenna from bending
Protects antenna from power source
Bright Color offers better car visibility

Note: Color of sleeve may vary.


My Thoughts on the Antenna Sleeve

I ran into one small issue with this product the tube is not large enough to slip over the end of the antenna since it has been bent over to prevent anyone from injury on the bare wire, you'll need to cut the antenna off just below this area in order to fit the sleeve this is fine as the sleeve comes with a tip that is placed over the end of the sleeve. The sleeve does offer better car visibility as long as your the only one who has it installed and that alone may make the purchase worth your while. as for the other claims it will protect you from accidentally touching a power source and will help prevent it from bending so considering the cost I can easily recommend this purchase to anyone.

Well I'm done hope this helps you choose your next motor but first check out the next section for some ideas of parts you should be looking for in your next motor.

"Extreme motors require the best parts"


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