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Welcome to the PimpMyMod Section

What the heck is 'PimpMyMod' well it's actually a website that contains lots of great content about our favorite topic which is Xmods of course! The webmaster has allowed my to recreate his content here for all of you to enjoy. This will give him more time for Xmods as he won't need to bother designing webpages about what he's up to, so we're teaming up he has all the fun testing and modding and I do all the website stuff allowing him to concentrate on his hobby and you get to read about his latest stab and creating the fastest most pimped Xmod ever!


Welcome to PimpMyMod This page is dedicated to XMODS and EVO XMODS and their components.
I have information on many different brands of motors like Tamiya and PN Racing.

This site/section is purely for fun. All information found here has been obtained by me (PimpMyMod) through research and common practice. If you have any input, custom xmods/mini-z, or motors you would like to send to me then please send email to pimpmymod@gmail.com

Thanks and enjoy!

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Last Update on April 2nd 2007

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