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These are the current Misc. upgrades I've installed and tested


Micro Farad Power Capacitors

These are suppose to help with acceleration on cars with 4 cells or under 5.5 volts. I guess what happens is that when you press the “accelerator” you car has a slight lag before moving. These devices claim to eliminate this lag. I guess it is like Turbo Lag for anyone who has owned an older turbo Car Like the Dodge Daytona. I installed one of these in my 4 cell RSX to test it out. I it seemed to give it more punch so I figured I would try the a time attack check with my Tamiya Speed checker. I don't know how accurate this time attack is but every time I ran it with the Power Capacitor it test quicker to 20 meters then without it. Times varied but all 4 times I got the same result it was quicker. So for about 10 bucks it is worth checking out. Remember only 4 cell cars can use it!



Antenna Upgrade

I purchased this upgrade in order to get a few more feet out of my Cars. They auction claims that you will receive 25% more on certain terrains and that they are more durable than the stock antennas. Well I did get a few extra feet about 2-3 with the 10” and about 5-6 with the 14”. As far as durability well it seems to me to be a more flexible so I might not snap as easy but it is not thinker by any means so as far as strength I will let you know when I snap one.




If you need to know what they are and how they work here is a good Link http://www.atomicmods.com/faq.htm What I am going to say about them is that they are needed for any motor drawing more than 2.9 amps. The fastest motors require this upgrade. This is a very difficult upgrade and I would recommend you pay someone experienced to do it for you. I took electronics in college and I will not do this myself. More because I am 6 foot 6 325lbs and have very big hands. I hated it in college. Anyway there are other options like the V2.2 board and when I get one I will let you know.



Comm Drops
from undergroundxmods.com

These claim to cool the motor as well as increase speed and power. Well I did not measure it but my motors seemed to be cooler when drops were applied and I averaged around 1500 more rpm when I applied drops. The speed effect didn’t seem to last as long as the cooling affect. For 10 bucks I think it should be in everyone inventory.


12 Tooth gear/pinion
by Speedologist

As you know XMods have 8-11 tooth gears and pinions. This is a 12 tooth gear which should increase top end speed. We will see!

Well it did increase top for me but only by 1.24 mph. I guess that could win you a race or 2 and for 7 bucks it seems like an OK deal.



NOS Like effect Upgrade

This item bypasses your electronics at a certain voltage to deliver voltage straight to you motor and not affect the rest of your cars electronics. The only thing that this should mess up is things that the real NOS would kill on a car…. Your motor, gears maybe. We will see!

Update: Well first run saw a 5 mph boost. Not bad and works as stated. I tested it on a 6 cell car and only used 1 9volt battery. Next test...18 volts! I have seen how to do this on a couple of forums. It costs about $15 in parts or you can try and get one on eBay.




Everyone who had some kind of fast car growing up wanted Posi-traction. Now here it is for XMods. I will let you know how it is.

Well I finally did this mod. Sorry for the extreme wait. It certain works as advertised. The extra washer allows for adjustment. Pretty cool and worth the money.


  18g wire Antenna upgrade.

Advertised to get additional 250% in distance. That would be a total of 175 feet! I can’t wait! Well I installed it in my Skyline and it didn’t even give me any extra distance.



Fan and heat sink


By AtomicMods

Well So Far so good. It was easy to apply and held the tires on. Next test is to remove tires without damaging them or the rims. Well it works the tire came off with ease and was not damaged. The rims are fine as well. This is an excellent addition to you XMOD or Mini-z collection.

  Mickey Thompson Tire
By XMODS_International

I got these on EBay for $12.00 including shipping. They make your car look like a real hotrod! You will need to get the foam tire upgrade, GPM alloy rims, or TopCad rims in order to use them. They will not fit on stock rims without modification. Also count on using shims and cuttting out your wheel well. I have them on my Civic. Check out my Car gallery to see them.


Specs & Features:

  • Ultra High Efficiency H-Bridge
  • Outperforms an 8x2 stack of EVO stock MOSFETS.
  • Outperforms a 5x2 stack of EVO upgraded MOSFETS
  • Smallest External Turbo Available
  • Ultraflex 26AWG Silicon Wire
  • Improves Motor Performance
  • Runs Cool
  • Ideal For Motors Such As the X-1, Plasmatomic, Anima, PNS03, Etc.
  • Works On Generation 1 Xmods, EVO Xmods, Mini-Z, i-Wavers
  Woah Nelly EVO
By Woah Nelly

Well it is has arrived and I installed it in my Firebird Evo which has Lithium Polys. First, installation although easier than stacking fets, Still requires a steady hand and some sodering skills. I would rate it at intermediate level. Once install the device delivered as promised. I had to glue my tires on once I add the polys ...after the Nelly was installed they flew off with the glue. I guess i should do a better job. Everything seem to function as good if not better than before. This product is well worth the $35 price tag and a great addition for the EVO series.


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