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Xmod and Evo Radio Control Dynos

These are the two devices I used to check my performance of my XMods and there components.


Tamiya Speed checker

First up is the Tamiya Speed checker. Well first it gives its readings in Kilometers per hour, so to get MPH you must multiply the figure you receive by .62. Next I don’t know about all who use this but when I put a 4wd car on it the car sides off. I really don’t know how accurate this device is but it is very consistent. So it may not give me true MPH but it does deliver the same figures time after time and if I make an improvement it show across the board. For example when I added carbon shafts to all my cars. The boost in performance was consistent across each car. Plus it is fun to use when hopping up your MOD.



Team Orion
Motor performance Monitor

The next device I use is the Team Orion Motor performance Monitor. This Device gives volts, amp draw (no Load), and RPM of motors. One problem is that it was meant for 540 size motors. This means one will have to modify the rpm bushing to fit 130/180 size motors. I used a trimmed down Mini-z pinion and glued it in. Works great! To run this thing you need a power supply so count on spending $200 in total to get it up and running. Again I am not sure of its accuracy but it is very consistent. I purchased it so I can start tweaking motors. I think it is well worth the $200 bucks! By the way it can also be used to break in your motors.


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