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Xmod and Evo Car Gallery

These are the Xmods and Mini-Z’s I have been working on.

  My First XMod!

This is my first mod. It has a 9 amp Fet upgrade and can run either 4, 5, or 6 cells. It also has stock underbody lighting , carbon shaft, suspension, and bearing upgrades.

  Best Looking!

This is my coolest looking I think. The Picture does not do it justice. The decals are high gloss and it has underbody lighting front, rear, and sides. For a car I only spent about 1 hour on it looks pretty good.

  My 1st Try

I got this car with an Audi TT body on EBay. It was a Heipao Mini-Z. First I removed the decals and then painted it. Now I use it to try new things like Decals and mounts. It has been converted to fit XMods.

  Audi TT

The only thing I have done to this is to convert it to fit the XMod chassis. Originally was Heipao Mini-Z. If u want cheap bodies check ebay for these. I won this for $.01 and had to pay $15 for shipping. It came with 2 bodies… the TT and the Porsche.

  Buick GN

I saw this one selling on e-bay it's a Fully custom Xmod and the bid was over $200.

Click Here for another photo


This is my 350Z. It has a carbon shaft, springs, tight turns, and a 5th cell as far as hop-ups. The picture below shows it with a tweaked Tamiya torque-tuned motor and as you can see even with double sided tape on the wheels the tires are flying off.

Click Here for a photo on the speedchecker


Right now this is a 7-Cell. I am updating all my cars to lithium except the RSX.

  Mercedes CLK

This will soon be my fastest car. It has an PerformanceXmod EP with a 2x2 stack. 2 Lithium batteries power the XMod. With the X-2 Lightspeed Pro I am at 43 mph.

  Nsacar 24

Here is my first conversion kit Nascar Car. It has bearings,carbon shaft, 18 gauge wire, V2.2 board and lithium upgrades. It is my new home for the X-2 Light Speed Pro. On the Dyno it goes a little over 50 mph. I have to say I really love this car. I chose the #24 car because it was one color and I am not ready for a more advanced paint job. Most likely my next will be the Napa car.

  My 1st Evo

This car is a Firebird Evo with 7.4 lithium poly batteries installed. Soon to be added is posi gear, ball bearings and Woah Nelly turbo.

  Mustang Evo

This Mustang Evo is power by 3 lithium ion batteries . I use the PN S03 Motor which get close to 50 mph. The cars also has a stencil chassis, Bearings, Posi gear, and Spder 2.1 turbo installed.

  Mustang Gen 1 AWD

This Car was my Skyline but after some crashes I updated it to the Mustang body. Some internal upgrades include bearings, AWD, Suspension, and Carbon shaft. It has stock fets and lithium ion upgrade. Currently home to the Hulk 180 motor and is quite fast.

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