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Xmod and Evo Radio Control Dynos

Links to interesting Xmod related sites

Links to interesting Xmod related sites

Very Cool XMOD and Mini-z site has a lot of useful info and cool stuff to buy.

Offers a range of professionally hand wound electric motors to a wide variety of parts and accessories for them.

Great XMOD site… I purchased some parts here and they were very professional. I recommend them highly.

RC Rock Crawlers in CT
We are a group of RC fans dedicated to rock crawling in the CT and surrounding New England area.

“If it is not made by AcmeXmods it is just a toy!” Creator of the Stencil chassis.

Maker of the EVO Rocket. Makes good motors at very good prices.

Great XMOD Hobby site
with Forum and shop
Dedicated to RadioShack XMods and XMods Evolution. Come learn how to trick out your ride then show it off in the XMod Showcase!
A guide to learning to how to fly and how to select your 1st rc plane, helicopter, jet, car, truck and boat. A general rc site, good for reviews, how to.

This is a good forums with alot of information all it needs is some members, so check it out.

This is the track I use. I have the L shaped. Well worth the $200 bucks. It goes up/down in 5 min. and store easily. I thought about making a track but after all was said and done I would only save about $75 and it would not of been as portable.



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