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These are the current upgrades I've installed and tested


V 2.2 Board
By AtomicMods.com

This Board not only allows you to run any 130 motor on the market but it is advertised to handle up 30 volts as well.

Well I got it in and installed it in a brand new old school XMOD. First of all installation was quite simple, anyone should be able to do it. I had heard many different things about this product and I have to say for my first look it works well. Advantages over a 2X2 stack …. First no steering jitter, second easier to install, and finally more power to your motor. I tested it out on the speed checker with my X-2 LSPE. It hit 50.84 mph, that’s a 4 mph improvement over the 2x2 and this car is stock other than lithiums (no carbon shaft and no Bearings). I had a couple of questions when mounting which were quickly answered by Atomicmods. This product is well worth the $49.99. More to follow when I get it on the street.



EVO Posi-Traction
By XMODS_International

Replacement Differential Gear that gives power to both rear wheels.

Ok the product has arrived and I have to say it works pretty good. It is not adjustable like the old XMOD Posi upgrade, but it seems to function just as well. Installation was easy just replace stock gear with POSI Gear.It took me 5 minutes. As for the price …$17 is a little much for one gear but right now it is the only one available. Look for it on eBay.



STENCIL chassis
By AcmeXmods.com

A New XMOD EVO chassis. This is my first chassis experience and I have to say it was a good one. First thing I have to say, if you are looking to put AA style lithium batteries in your EVO than check it out. This chassis is designed specifically for AA Lithium batteries. As for quality of the chassis, it is made out of strong plastic and everything lined up perfectly making it a TRUE replacement for the stock setup. Other than allowing for an easy lithium upgrade, you get better clearance and judging by the look of it more air flow to cool internals. I put a speed wave motor in the car and ran it on my floor. I could not flip it in my basement… outside test should be this weekend. Finally it is priced to sell at a low $19.


  Stiletto Chassis
By AtomicMods.com

A new chassis for the Evo Car. It allows the use of the Cylindrical Li-Ion cells in an Evo. The design is very rigid and removes a lot of dead weight. It has multiple sets of mounting holes and fits all Evo cars.

I received my Stiletto, gathered the appropriate tools and went to installation. The instructions were clear and allowed for a good experience. In all it took me about 1 hour and a half to get things the way i wanted them. My only short fall was having to hold nuts with pliers while screwing things in. The hardest part of the setup was mounting the motor wires to the board. This took me the most time due to my big hands trying to hold the nuts, wires, and screws in place. I would suggest just soldering them to the board. Once completed the product looked pretty cool and the increase of air flow to the board is a plus. One thing to keep in mind is the board mounts right above Batteries so be careful when you mount it. As noted in the instructions if you are not careful you might fry something. I was not careful and fried my steering. If you are an advanced user consider this product when setting up your car.

  Slick Zero Bushing oil
By AtomicMods.com

I tried this on several motors and I got good results on all of them. First as advertised it does not gum up. Secondly it lasts, I used it for several test runs and it still seemed present after 20 min-30 mins and several runs. Next I saw a little improvement as far as RPM was concerned … between 300 and 500 rpm. At $3.95 this stuff is a must have and considering that most motors are of the bushing type I think everyone should try it out. I can’t wait to try the comm. And BB oil.

**Note Anyone remember Slick 50 for autos … this is like the RC version. **


Specs & Features:

  • 0.7mm commercially prepared solder masked PCB
  • Top-Grade IRF MOSFETS (Not samples or seconds)
  • PN Racing 22AWG Silicon Jacketed Power wiring (100mm on input, 200mm on output of Flying Lead model)
  • Flexible and reliable data-grade rainbow control wiring 100mm
  • Fully heat shrinked PCB for safety
  • Lightweight and lowest possible profile of all External turbos
  • Flat mounting surface Heatsink compatible (Heatsink available as an Option)
  • Performance
  • Less than 10% the resistance of the Stock Kyosho FETs
  • Outperforms a 8x2 Stack of IRF7317 MOSFETS in Mini-Z and XMods 1st Gen Retains Brake Function
  • Run up to 12v on your Xmods EVO without additional components and less than 10mOhm resistance! (1/3rd that of the best FET swap solution.
  Spider Turbo v 2.0
By Ausmicro.com

I decided to try one of these when I fried my stock EVO fets. I have not tried these before because on the generation 1 XMODS they do not work well over 6 volts and 95% of my cars are over 6 volts. When used with the EVO it can work efficiently up to 12 volts with no extra equipment. Installation was pretty easy if not for my big hands I could have done it in 5 minutes, instead it took 15. I got the flying lead type which I first ran my PN S03 and I have to say it worked well. I then ran my X-2 LSPro to totally challenge the device and it passed with flying colors as the car ran the Dyno over 50 mph. I tried it with a couple more motors all seem to work well. The cool thing is that after all these tests the device was still cool and not burning hot. Next up will be the 11.1 volt test which I will try this week. So far I am really liken this turbo. Ok I couldn’t wait, I added a 3rd cell strapped in my PN S03 and pulled the trigger. The result was positive seeing the dyno race up to 77 kph or 47mph. I will clean up my wiring job and get it on the street this weekend.

  Slick Zero Bearing oil
By AtomicMods.com

This is the second Slick Zero product I have tried and it works just as well as the first. I have seen increased performance and is lasts for more than just a run. I would recommend it to any one who wants to increase performance and prolong the life of your bearings.

  Slick Zero Gear Lube
By AtomicMods.com

This lube is for anywhere plastic or metal gears may rub together. I have tried it and it seems to work well. Caution… it is not recommended for the BB Differentials (the red ones that come with the awd kit). A most for those of you who compete on a regular basis.

  Slick Zero Diff Lube
By AtomicMods.com

This lube is for BB Differentials and looks like the grease that comes with the AWD kit. Again for those who race a lot it is important that all parts that should be lubricated are.

  AAA Lithiums ION Kit
By Silver-Surfer’s Mini RC Customs

NO Wiring and no sodering lithium kit! When i saw this on EBay I thought... This is the perfect upgrade for those who want a little speed but do not want to deal with rewiring their car. Keep in mind these Batteries are only 320 Mah so the speed wont last long, but it will last long enough to enjoy some speed. I spent $30 for 4 batteries and two dummy batteries. You might think that is a lot but since industry does not make AAA dummy batteries it might be worth it. The best thing is that if i want to go back to 4.8 volts it is a 30 second switch. I would conclude if you want a quick and easy upgrade here it is, if you want the fast dragster out there you better buy a soldering iron and some polys.


By AtomicMods.com

I can not tell you how excited I was to see something like this product. To me this is what the hobby is all about. My kit arrived yesterday and so far I am 100% happy I got it. First I installed it in under 5 minutes. The kit that is. Since the body it totally raw I am still waiting for paint and decals to come in. There are a ton of sites with tips how to paint Lexan bodies. The body itself looks good, seems lighter, and well worth the price tag. I expect the artists out there to pick some up, turn out some nice look replicas and make a little business for themselves on eBay. I will post the finished product when I am done. What you still have not picked one up what are you waiting for!!



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