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biline's Hummer H2 Evo Truck Xmod

Well I have to admit I was surprised to see two new truck models in the new Evo line-up I was even more surprised to find out these were designed from the ground up to be trucks the chassis shares some parts from the car models but for the most part is completely different. The increased ground clearance and the larger tires allow this puppy to actually have a shot at running off-road!
(click any photo to enlarge)

This Hummer H2 is mostly stock with a couple of parts from the body kit such as the rear tire holder in the photo below. The skid plate you see on the front is actually needed in the event you encounter an obstacle that would catch on the driveline.

The kit came with the disk brake upgrade but I lucked out and was missing the front left one! I added the 4WD drive kit (4WD is the truck version of AWD but they do the same thing) followed by the Ball Bearing kit and I upgraded the suspension I had installed the softer Red springs but noticed the rear end was lower than front due to the weight on them so I swapped them out for the Blue stiff springs and the Hummer seems to ride better.

I have upgraded the motor to a 45 Turn armature with full ball bearing can and Neodymium magnets which are powered by 4 Sanyo 900 'AAA' NiMH
** Worlds top class capacity AAA NiMH battery. High capacity exceeds conventional Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. An increase in capacity of approximately 25% compared to conventional negative electrode material.
** Ideal for high power use with excellent discharge properties. 'Superlattice Alloy' has a superior discharge performance over conventional negative electrode material, making it ideal for RC cars that require a high rate of discharge. (As close to Lithium Ion as you can get but still stock)

Here you get an idea of the ground clearance this Hummer has, in photo above and below you can see the rock easily is cleared but the big difference is that in the photo below the rear 'W' frame is seen fully tilting to clear the rock.

The rear 'W' arm swings from side to side by about 15 degrees allowing for enormous wheel clearance the font will push it's way over the rock but the rear wheel pivots over the rock.

Here you can see the Sanyo 900's in the battery tray along with the rather odd shock layout that place the rear shocks in front of the rear wheels I also noted one minor difference in the Mainboard an extra resistor was placed near the servo section I found this out when I discovered my Hummer had arrived with a 'Dead' Main board and decided to swap out one I had from my G35 I was able to perform the swap and once I added the resistor from the dead board. I gather the resistor has something to do with the slightly different configuration for turning the wheels.

The motor is mounted at the very rear and I needed to change the position of the cap on the motor located nearest to the body as it actually was preventing the rear arm from swinging correctly. I also had to re-solder the connector wires to help position them out of the way as well. I don't know if the F-150 suffers from the same clearance issue but it is a problem on the Hummer as I had to trim some extra plastic from the rear of the body to make everything fit without any binding.

Here you can see the actual height of the truck chassis you will notice the shocks themselves are much longer than those found in the Evo cars. I did notice that the 4WD kit for the trucks contains an extra gear not found in the Car AWD kit I have can't verify this but I believe it serves two functions it is needed because of the lower wheel position and It changes the final gear ratio to provide more torque. I suspect this as the Radio Shack flyer states the trucks have 25% more torque than the cars and simply changing the final drive ratio would account for this and I also noticed the trucks are slightly slower.

Update March 27th
I installed the Off-Road Lift Kit and thought you might like to see what the Hummer H2 looks like with it installed.

As you can see it does lift the whole truck by a fairly large amount and the slightly larger tires are taller and wider than the original tires.

The ground clearance is vastly improved as you can see in the photo below the rock actually fits under the skid plate without touching! You can also see that I've installed the alloy skid plate that I ordered from PerformanceXmods.com you can read about this and other parts I ordered Here

I do realize that most of the Xmods in the Builders section are now mine but hey send yours in with a decent description and I'll be glad to add it to this section! just click on my name below to contact me.

All of the pictures and information contained within the www.biline.ca website are the property of Jeff Mathurin please do NOT use any of the contents of this website without consent. If you would like to contact me for any reason then feel free to use the contact form by clicking Here