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Seth's Blarney Green 1974 AMC Gremlin Xmod

Seth built this little piece of history using a AMT 1:25 Model kit and the green he used one of the colors it was sold in, it was called Blarney Green check out the color swatch from the Brochure below

The Gremlin had a 4 cylinder motor and was produced from 1970 to 1978 by American Motor Company

But owners did install large V8 motors with blowers as you can see in the photo below, mind you the view was not great and the hood needed a large cut-out but it fit and many owners have installed V8's

Seth's Xmod is fairly stock but he did add another battery holder so it runs 6 cells and he switched the rear suspension to a mono-shock set-up. The biggest issue he had was the wheels, they are 1/25 scale model wheels that he drilled out and filled/filed to make the D shaped hole to fit the xmod axles.
(click to enlarge)

Seth relocated the antenna mount to one of the front bulkhead screws so it would exit the body in the same location as a real gremlin. He also plans to install a 'Hotter' Motor and install an few more upgrades but as we all know parts are getting harder to find.(click to enlarge)

This has been one of the more unique Xmod conversion's that I've seen and I hope to see more.....

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