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Can you keep up with the Jones'?

We all know what keeping up with the jones can be like but in this case since
Evan Jones is the proud owner of this Xmod the phrase holds true!
(click any photo to enlarge)

The base is the Gen 1 frame with a 2004 Subaru WRX STi Xmods body. The body is pretty standard as Evan used the wild body kit (stock spoiler) some nice little details include a custom made exhaust and Carbon Fiber hood scoop just to mix things up a little bit. Evan likes the very clean JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) style cars.

Evan basically built this car to be an all out performer and show stopper. Aluminum parts are really only worth the extra money if you are breaking the stock plastic pieces (I have only ever broken the rear axle cups), but if you want to build a pure bred performance car with the looks to kill, then alloy parts are the only way to go.

Parts that Evan considers worth the money would be the Carbon Fiber drive shaft, axles, bearings, wheels, tires, and lock nuts. The aluminum actually adds weight to the car over the plastic pieces, but after installing my custom chassis and Li-ion batteries, this is actually my lightest xmod.

Evan is a mechanical engineering student and decided to do all the electronics work himself, basically he learned how to solder to install the FET's

Evan designed a super lightweight chassis, which he had laser cut in Calgary, Alberta. His original intentions were to build around 15 of these and sell them online, but he couldn't justify the cost for the minimal profit he expected to make, so now he has very expensive, one of a kind chassis.

  • GPM Alloy Front Dog Bone
  • GPM Alloy Rear Dog Bone
  • GPM Alloy Steering Plate
  • GPM Alloy Wheel Shafts
  • GPM Alloy Motor Heat Sink
  • 2mm Aluminum Lock Nuts
  • Topcad Alloy Wheels w/ Atomic Drifting Tires
  • Ball Bearings
  • 2x3 Stacked FET's
  • 18g wire upgrade
  • 7.2V Li-ion batteries
  • PN Racing S04 motor
  • Carbon fiber driveshaft along with the AWD upgrade
  • Custom designed (by Evan) Aluminum SPYDER chassis

Evan says you have to be part of the 'more money than brains club to build a project like this' but admits it's pretty cool to have a unique car like this, but he doesn't think he would do it again.

I do realize that most of the Xmods in the Builders section are now mine but hey send yours in with a decent description and I'll be glad to add it to this section! just click on my name below to contact me.

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