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Team NMN's Acura RSX Xmod

This Xmod belongs to Team MNM it was built by Marvin Yousry and sports a long list of Modifications The bonus here is that Team MNM also sells many of these parts direct so be sure to visit them by clicking the banner located further down to visit them. (click any photo to enlarge)

This RSX sports all of the Radio Shack upgrades that are available and then he added all the Custom upgrades!
  • Carbon Fiber Drive shaft
  • V1 (Voltage regulator) Board
  • V1 board protector plate Color 'white'
  • 4 Lithium Ion Batteries (Li-ions)
  • 18 Gauge wire upgrade
  • Custom stainless steel decks.
  • SE Super Modified motor, special design using 130 can and Hand wound Armature.
  • Custom spoiler
  • Aluminum lug nuts with nylon threading
  • Aluminum cup joints!
  • 3.3k resistor mod.
  • Custom made exhaust tip!
  • Wide rims (but they are not in the pictures)
  • GPM alloy front upper deck
  • GPM alloy Rear Wheel Shaft
  • GPM alloy Steering Plate
  • GPM alloy Dampers
  • GPM alloy Rear Upper Plate

The maximum speed reached using the Tamiya speed checker was 48 Mph! This was with fully recharged li-ions that were connected in series and the long list of modifications listed above, the real world speed will be a little slower as the car would be subject to more variables such as road surface etc..

This photo and the ones above really show the Custom rims and Custom rear spoiler.

To see more of Team MNM Xmods or to order some of the parts mentioned visit them at teammnm.net

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