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Jeff's Nissan 350Z Xmod

Jeff Bridges is the proud owner of this 350Z aside from a little custom paint and decal work what sets this little guy aside from the rest is what's lurking under the chassis. (click any photo to enlarge)

Jeff started with some graphics he purchased and customized them further to obtain just the look he wanted.

Stock or not?
As much as I like changing/modding various parts of my Xmod I try to stay somewhat true to the base Xmod, I won't change the electronics or deviate from the 4 'AAA' power supply system. I will play with motors and magnets and even windings but it must all work with the stock electronics!

I mention all this because Jeff Bridges has pretty well changed all the chassis parts to aluminum, in fact only the battery mounts and base chassis are original the entire car and it's drive-train are aluminum. The benefit of course is now you have an Xmod that is more or less the same base weight but probably 5X stronger, have a closer look at the photo below.

Jeff has upgraded the motor magnets to Neodymium magnets (N50) and uses stock electronics which are powered by 4 'AAA' NiMh rechargeable batteries and he says ''With stock rechargeable batteries I can spin the tires off the rims!"

Jeff uses the Blue 'stiff' springs and of course an aluminum tie-rod (1.0 degree) other upgrades include the light-kit and the obvious bearing upgrades have been done as well.



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