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Back issues of the former print version of The Audio Critic aren’t like back issues of ordinary audio magazines. They aren’t yesterday’s news. Each issue addresses fundamental questions, concerns, and disputes of audio, which are as relevant today as they were at the time of publication. Some of the equipment reviews are out of date; others are still applicable to current products; but the reviews are only half of The Audio Critic. The other half is timeless, or at least highly enduring—articles, critiques, music reviews, humor, all with a long-range audio perspective. The back issues offered here are like an informal reference library of audio, to go back to time and again.

A big Thanks goes out to Carl Nishi and Don Bieniewicz who sent me all the missing Audio Critic Magazines Including a letter regarding Subscription changes from 1987 you can view it Here

The front cover of each issue displays a summary of what you will find inside. The following brief tags are only hints to guide you.

Download Volume 1, Number 1
Search for the best speakers, We start monitoring the ads of audio manufacturers and compare 24 preamplifiers
Download Volume 1, Number 2
We explain our philosophy, We conclude our preamplifier survey, We confront loudspeaker bass response
Download Volume 1, Number 3
Special issue on the Consumer Electronics Show
Download Volume 1, Number 4
The speaker survey with 15+ systems, Our power amplifier survey continues and includes our new reference standard
Download Volume 1, Number 5
First look at headphones, The speaker survey continues, We evaluate a new generation of preamps
Download Volume 1, Number 6
We summarize and update previous reviews. We grapple with the unresolved problem of 'reference' systems
Download Volume 2, Number 1
Equipment reviews and our new Reference B system, Part 1 of the transcript on State of the Art
Download Volume 2, Number 2
Part 2 of the transcript on State of the Art, Our price-no-object Reference A and best-per-dollar Reference B systems
Download Volume 2, Number 3
We introduce a new 3-way dynamic speaker system, We review preamplifiers, phonographs, speakers and more
Download Bulletin No. 1
Carver M-400 review, Records and Recordings and Reference system Information
Download Bulletin No. 2
Preamplifier and Pre-amp Backlog reviews along with Records & Recording reviews
Download Bulletin No. 3
The New Generation of MLAS Preamplifiers with Records & Recording reviews
Download Issue No. 10
We Discuss our demise and resurrection. Power amplifier and preamp tests along with the running controversy of Bob carver
Download Issue No. 11
First test-bench encounter with CD players, Review of the Win FET phono cartridge.
Download Issue No. 12
The Digital scene and DAT tests, reviews, articles and new column on Hot air, bull, and hype in the audio press
Download Issue No. 13
Mathematical basis for correct speaker placement, Reviews of some remarkable organ recordings, 'Seminar 1989' transcript P1
Download Issue No. 14
'Seminar 1989' transcript P2, duplicating 'tube sound' with transistors, loudspeaker reviews.
Download Issue No. 15
Reviews of 13 CD players, Exposé of wire/cables, Return of 'Hip Boots' and lots of CD reviews
Download Issue No. 16
Wire/cable exposé, loudspeakers, etc.
Download Issue No. 17
Loudspeakers, interconnects, bass optimization, etc.
Download Issue No. 18
Preamplifier survey, audio celebrity interviews, etc.
Download Issue No. 19
More loudspeakers, preamps, interviews, etc.
Download Issue No. 20
Power amplifier survey, loudspeakers, interviews, etc.
Download Issue No. 21
Digital jitter explained, more loudspeakers and electronics, etc.
Download Issue No. 22
Loudspeakers, subwoofers, high-end reviewer hypocrisy, etc.
Download Issue No. 23
McIntosh survey, FM tuners, surround sound, etc.
Download Issue No. 24
Good and bad guys of audio, more loudspeakers, subwoofers, FM tuners, etc.
Download Issue No. 25
Good/bad guys continued, subwoofers, how to be a sophisticated audiophile, etc.
Download Issue No. 26
The 10 biggest lies in audio, the best FM tuner, SACD, etc.
Download Issue No. 27
DVD-Audio, the first Don Keele speaker review, the most accurate preamp, etc.
Download Issue No. 28
Floyd Toole on loudspeakers, more Don Keele reviews, AV electronics, etc.
Download Issue No. 29
More Don Keele speaker reviews (incl. the Walsh design), more AV electronics, etc.


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