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The Audio Critic is the only consumer publication on the subject of audio that really takes objective evaluation of audio components seriously. That means exhaustive laboratory measurements and double-blind listening tests, which are provable and accountable, in addition to the usual subjective listening impressions, which are by definition unprovable.
No wonder that graduate engineers, EE professors, and other high-level professionals always speak of The Audio Critic with respect, even though it isn't terribly technical, whereas they just laugh at the tweako/weirdo audiophile magazines. Obviously, anyone can publish an audio magazine, in print or on the Web; there's no law against it, but pitifully few are qualified.

Unlike other audiophile magazines that feature equipment reviews. We wouldn’t dream of declaring that component A sounds better than B without having performed carefully controlled double-blind listening tests side by side, at levels matched within ±0.1 dB. We consider casual, sequential, “freeform” listening evaluations to be of very limited value.
Furthermore, we not only measure the component under review in a very completely equipped audio laboratory but also bring you, when relevant, a detailed design critique by a graduate engineer. We are accountable for our findings and judgments: we can prove them.
The average audiophile may not be aware of the utter contempt and jeering ridicule elicited from high-level audio professionals and academics by the self-indulgent subjective reviews in the audio press and on the Web. On the other hand, the same authorities—degreed engineers, E.E. professors, researchers in major electronics laboratories—show consistent respect for The Audio Critic, even though we try not to be too technical. Our files are bulging with letter from readers who think our reviews are the best in the business. We tend to agree.

The content is broken up into a few different sections and everything that was available from The Audio Critic's website is under one of the sections below:

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  • Downloadable .pdf's of 14 printed magazines are Here
  • What others have to say about the magazine is Here


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