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Team-Losi Mini-LST Review
The Mini-LST is a Ready to Run 1:18 Scale Monster Truck and is the latest innovation from the engineers at Team Losi, who managed to pack the LST’s features into a mini monster truck. The result is a mini monster truck that’s bigger, more powerful and more durable than any you’ve ever driven.

I ordered it from Atomic Mods on April 2nd and It arrived on Friday April 13th with a bill of $40.22 for GST and customs charges.

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I was struck by how well the Mini-LST was packaged. the box opens up to reveal two slide out compartments the first holds the transmitter and the second held the Mini-LST if that much detail went into the packaging I suspect the product should be even better.
The Mini-LST comes in three colours from the factory and is pre-painted with all the decals attached obviously I received the red version but you can get green and blue as well.
Funny as i write this Team Losi has released the Mini-LST2 which is the same truck with a few upgrades, hopefully the upgrades won't be from angry customers who discovered problems with the Mini-LST.
The whole truck doesn't feel or look like a Toy RC it has a pure Professional RC look and with details such as these clips to hold the body onto the chassis they allow for quick access and eliminate the need to flip the RC over to change batteries or make any adjustments.
Once you have removed the truck body of the Mini-LST you quickly understand what the mean when they said this RC was based on the larger gas-powered LST from Team Losi (which costs $500+).
Here you can see the coil over oil dampened oversize shocks along with the sturdy bracing used through the Mini-LST
Team Losi Sport ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) is included in the package and has some smart features as 30 second shutdown if the unit running to hot and a delay from forward to reverse to avoid excessive wear on the system.
The included 7.2V 1100 Ni-MH battery fits neatly under the ESC which is held on by three of the same clips that hold the body onto the chassis.
Twin motors power an adjustable 'Slipper clutch' the clutch will slip just enough upon hard acceleration to allow the wheels some time to grab before the full torque from the two motors gets to the wheels, this will help whenever running of sand or dirt as the Mini-LST as known to throw up some fine 'roster tails'.
The twin steering servos really make this little bugger run circles around most other RC vehicles and you can find a video below to see just how tight the turning radius is on the Mini-LST. Also note the extensive use of aluminum plates through the chassis.
Sorry for those of you who are still on the Imperial system the chassis height is slightly higher than 1.5" and the full travel is just under the 1.5" mark.
I was able to drop the Mini-Lst from a height of 30cm (12") without the bottom chassis plates hitting the floor and judging from some videos I saw on 'YouTube' it will survive some much higher falls.
The transmitter is shaped to fit well into your hand it look similar to the Xmods controller but it lack the folding option and it takes 8'AAA' batteries versus a single 9V cell for the Xmod version
The Mini-LST use no crystals instead it uses this very easy system of LED's to determine which channel your Mini-LST will be using and obviously you just need to ensure the truck has the same LED's set on the receiver.
Here you can see the ST. Trim (Steering) and the TH. Trim (Throttle) be careful with the throttle trim as I sent my Mini-LST into a wall while adjusting the trim. I had no issues and was able to leave them at the center position.
The Power button and ST.D/R (steering range) are on the rear of the controller

I have not had a chance to drive the Mini-LST outside yet as we are in April and with it comes rain, rain and lot's of mud so as soon as the field dries up a little I will be able to report on the endurance of the batteries and the ability of the Mini-LST to handle the terrain. I have made a small video of the Mini-LST indoors and I plan to make one outdoors as soon as I can. I have only one comment against the Mini-LST at this point and it is directed at the charger. The Charger has no light or indicator to tell you if the battery is charged or even if it's charging the manual says charge it for 3 hors the first time and 5-6 hours when drained completely. The issue here is I purchased another charge with 'Peak' detection for $19.99 now the included charger is available as a replacement for $9.99 so why doesn't Team Losi include the obviously much better one with the Mini-LST. I will mention the truck is manufactured in China but it looks like it was designed in the USA for production in China I'm sure the usual cost factors contributed to the product being manufactured over-seas but I have no issues as long as the product is as durable as it needs to be to endure the outdoor terrain it will be driving through.

Video of the Mini-LST in action can be downloaded by clicking the version you wish to get.

  • Team Losi Mini-Lst video 320x240 3.86Mb
    click Here
  • Team Losi Mini-Lst video 640x480 6.58Mb
    click Here
  • Another video I borrowed from somewhere until I can manage to make my own outdoor video, weather permitting as it's been raining non-stop here.....
    click Here

I have also ordered a few upgrades and I will be talking more about them when they arrive. I may be repeating myself but here are the specifications from Team Losi on the Mini-Lst

Team Losi Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR (Ready To race)

  • Twin Frenzy-370 Motors
  • Dual Steering Servos
  • 4WD with Slipper Clutch with 3 Differentials
  • Oversized, oil-filled shocks
  • Extra-long Suspension Travel
  • Complete Ball Bearings
  • Dual Deck Aluminum Chassis
  • Pre-Painted Mini-LST body
  • Mini-Magneto Chrome Wheels and Mini- Claw Tires
  • Team Losi Dual-Motor Sport ESC
  • Servos: Twin steering servos

  • Ready to Run 1:18 Scale Monster Truck
  • 7.2v 1100mAh Ni-MH Battery Pack
  • 7.2V Ni-MH Charger
  • 27mHz FM Synthesized Radio

  • Length: 10.6" (271 mm)
  • Width: 8.2" (209 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 7.2" (185 mm)
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs (1000 g)

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