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Uhm I thought this was an Xmods site?
Of course this section is still dedicated to Xmods but I started to think about some of the new RC vechiles being released and I purchased a Team Losi Mini-Lst Monster truck and obviously I needed a section to put the information on this new RC vehicle so here we are.

Team Losi
I looked for some information on Team Losi and found a few interesting details.

Team Losi (or simply Losi) is a USA based radio-controlled car manufacturer founded by Gil Losi in the late-1980s.Team Losi vehicles have been designed by former IFMAR World Champions Gil Losi Jr. and Jukka Steenari. Team Losi prides itself on its racing heritage, which includes multiple ROAR and Norrca National Titles, European Titles, and of course IFMAR World Championships. In recent years, Team Losi has expanded their product line to include Ready to Run cars and trucks, Monster Trucks.

Gil Losi Sr. of Team Losi sold Team Losi to Horizon Hobby in 2001. Team Losi continues to operate in Southern California.

I did search for other reviews of the Team Losi Mini-Lst and most are very short or have no real detail about the how the truck handles I did find this one hosted by Horizon Hobby but it's more about the upgrades you can add to the Min-LST than anything else you can read it by clicking Here

So since this section is new I have only a handful of articles for you to read but here they are:

Download a Video Clip of the Team Losi Mini-Lst Monster Truck in action

  • Team Losi Mini-Lst video 320x240 3.86Mb
    click Here
  • Team Losi Mini-Lst video 640x480 6.58Mb
    click Here
  • Another video I borrowed from somewhere until I can manage to make my own outdoor video, weather permitting as it's been raining non-stop here.....
    click Here

Download Manuals for the Team Losi Mini-Lst Monster Truck


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