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What's so special about the X-Box?

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Flashing the TSOP of your Xbox Tutorial

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Flash the Firmware of your Xbox 360

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Fieldrunners Grasslands endless Level 795 Strategy

This section deals with Xbox Save Games!

First lets start with the best way to back-up all your save games from the Xbox to your PC
I use a program called XBox-Saves Manager 4.5 which can be downloaded Here

  • Lists all game saves which are stored on your XBox
  • Lists all game saves which are stored on your PC
  • Allows game saves to be transfered from XBox to your PC
  • Allows game saves to be transfered from PC to your XBox
  • Allows you to delete game saves from your XBox
  • Allows you to delete game saves from your PC
  • Allows you to enter specific information about each game save such as what it does (i.e. all courses unlocked), who saved it (i.e. you), etc.
  • Embeds this information, into the game save file so that it can be read by the software / web site
  • Includes a connection manager to organize connections to multiple xboxes
  • Autoconverts Non-Compatible saves to work with XBSM and MXK
  • Memory Card Support

Did you say Save games?

As you can see it allows you to do anything you want with a save game including transferring other peoples save games to your Xbox! They also have a large collection of save games you can look through to help you get past that though spot in agame to check out the list of save click Here

The only tricky part is connecting your Xbox to the Xbox Saves Manager this is accomplished by clicking the area where it says "Connection Manager" which will open a new window where all your Xbox information needs to entered. Select the "New" button to create a new connection, give it a name eneter your Xbox's IP address don't change the port settings leave it at 21 and of course the user and pass is xbox

When finished hit the 'Connect' button to populate the program with your save games, once you have created this back-up of your save games you can add or modify any game on the PC database side and transfer any games you select to your XBox.

To transfer the save Game called "Akudda Bar-4" you simply select the game and press the transfer arrow that points in the direction you wish to transfer the Save game in the example above we are transferring the save game to the Xbox.


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