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Nintendo Wii Ware Ratings List
This is by no means a complete Nintendo Wii Ware games List but I try to keep it as up to date as I can with the newest releases, simply browse through the list or click on a letter to jump to that section. All the games are Rated as a percentage with the best possible score being 100%


Wii Logo Action Loop Twist (5.9) Puzzle

This 2007 Nintendo DS puzzle game comes to WiiWare with a new twist – literally! Pick your favourite Mii and take control of the Gemstone Launch Pad by twisting the Wii Remote back and forth. The object is to fire Gemstones and make groups of matching colours disappear before they reach the end of the line.

Jump straight into the action with Quick Play modes for one or two players, put your skills to the ultimate test in Challenge Mode or see if you can survive Quest Mode where every level brings a new way to play!

Or, if you’re in a party mood, try Multiplayer Mode for up to four players! You can play with friends, against the computer or a combination of both. Work together to clear the Gemstones or compete to see who’s the Action loop Twist master!

Wii Logo Alien Crush Returns (5.0) Action

Alien Crush Returns is the ultimate incarnation of the popular TurboGrafx pinball classic, Alien Crush. Boasting innovative game and control features, this is one Wii experience that you don't want to miss! With all the ball-blazing simplicity and flipper action thrills of standard pinball, Alien Crush Returns has all the visual and digital elements that you've come to expect in a videogame including grotesque, eye-stunning playfields as well as unique Action Ball gimmicks that redefine the fun and excitement of pinball.

You can even nudge the machine with your Wii Remote. What's more, you can connect via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to enjoy a variety of features such as four-player head-to-head action, high score competitions and Extra Stage downloads

Wii Logo Art Style: Cubello (5.0) Puzzle

Part shooting game, part puzzle, CUBELLO pioneers the new Art Style series of games for WiiWare. Launch cubes at the spinning shape and reduce it to its core, using a combination of skilled aiming and strategic thinking!

Wii Logo Art Style: Rotohex (5.0) Puzzle

ROTOHEX, the second release from the ambient Art Style series. Slot coloured hexagons into place as quickly as you can, rotating them into position before they can pile up beyond the point of no return. You can also go head-to-head with a friend to see who stacks up best when the pressure is on.

Wii Logo Art Style: Orbient (5.0) Puzzle

Use gravity and antigravity to guide a small star throygh 50 intergalactic stages, absorbing other stars to expand your size. Navigate by orbiting huge planets, or capture stars in your own orbit for bonus points, while avoiding hazards like black holes and asteroids.

Wii Logo Angel Solitaire (5.0) Cards

Angel Solitaire Card Game

Wii Logo Bomberman Blast (8.9) Puzzle, Action

A brand new addition to the "Bomberman" series is available on WiiWare! Up to 8 players can battle online at once via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection! Simple controls make this a great game for family and friends to enjoy at anytime!

New items can be triggered by shaking the Wii Remote for excitement never before experienced in a Bomberman title! You can even take the intensity up another notch by adding your own Miis to the mix!

Battle results can be recorded on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Ranking, so see how you stack up against others around the globe! This title will prove to be a blast for everyone--from those who've never touched a Bomberman game, to the Bomberman masters!

Wii Logo Block Breaker Deluxe (5.0) Puzzle

Prepare for the frenzy of the coolest block-breaker game ever! Block Breaker Deluxe is a reinvention of the classic arcade brick-breaker game with a trendy graphical style, fun atmosphere, and an exclusive multiplayer mode. Lively characters and amazing graphics provide distinctive settings of the jet-set nightlife, like a cool bar, dance club, casino and more! Special bricks, multiple bonuses, secret weapons, paddle size options, and ball speed variations make this fascinating game even more challenging. The Block Breaker Deluxe rage has arrived!

Wii Logo Brain Challenge (5.0) Puzzle, Edutainment

Boost your brain and relieve stress through 25 Visual, Memory, Logic, Math, and Focus mini-games.

Choose your favorite coach and get a detailed evaluation of your performance in personal training sessions.

Compare yourself with friends and family by letting your own customized Mii challenge their brains in 3 delirious multiplayer modes. Show them who is the boss!

Thanks to the special Kid Test and Senior Test modes, you can gather people of all generations around the game.

Wii Logo Big Kahuna Party (8.9) Puzzle

Embark on a tropical adventure with the explosively charged Big Kahuna Party. Looking to make the ultimate party game, we started with a concept that's accessible to the whole family-the popular match-three game. On top of that, we crafted a unique multiplayer experience in which you can choose to work together to complete the challenging levels before the timer runs out, or go head-to-head and compete in a frenzy of fun. To top it off, we added 99 uniquely free-flowing levels, the challenging Tiki Pole, 20 hidden tropical sea creatures to unlock, the strategic Fish Net and more. The result is a family party game like no other, easy to pick up but impossible to put down. Play alone or with friends, and unleash the Tiki spirit within.

Wii Logo Boingz (5.0) Puzzle

Boingz features cute, stretchable, flexible critters of the same name that are lost in the alien world. Players have to help these critters find the magical gates that take them to their homes. Boingz can be pulled, strectched and flicked like rubber bands and they come to life after 30 levels of puzzle. These creatures also fall off to sleep; to wake them up players will have to lead the stronger ones to wake their friends. Players get to experience never-before-seen strange landscapes and opportunity to collect Twinklies to power up.

Wii Logo Bruiser and Scratch (5.0) Puzzle, Action

Bruiser and Scratch are stranded in a strange world with a dark secret. Their only hope in finding a path home is to unravel the mystery of this place, one oversized puzzle at a time. Bruiser and Scratch offers a number of tutorial levels to bring the player up to speed gradually. The story unfolds over 48 puzzles and six landscapes. And for players who can't get enough, Challenge mode offers 75 additional puzzles that range from child's play to mind-bogglingly difficult.

Wii Logo Cocoto Fishing Master (7.3) Sports

Welcome to the Cocoto Fishing Master adventures and get ready for a completely new experience on the Wii console!
Play the role of Cocoto and travel the world to find the five millennial fish!
Only they can stop the magic cauldron from overflowing with lava and prevent the world from being destroyed!

Thanks to Cocoto Fishing Master for the Wii, fishing has never been such fun:

Use the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk like a real fishing rod to catch more than 30 different fish.
Discover 5 enchanted lakes in 5 different worlds from Cocoto’s universe.
Confront gigantic bosses to collect each fragment of the statuette that will allow you to awake the great king Geo from his slumber.
Meet Cocoto’s friends: sell your fish to Baggy and buy new fishing equipment from Neuro’s shop.

Wii Logo Critter Round-Up (5.0) Action, Puzzle

The critters have escaped and the barnyard is in chaos! It’s up to you to quickly catch the animals in this puzzle action challenge! You’ll have to mend fences in a hurry to keep all the critters safe and satisfied! But the fun doesn’t stop with the farmland; more than 50 challenging levels take you to several exotic locations, including the Outback, the icy Arctic and more!

There’s even a series of mini-games for when the critters get you down: Snowball Soccer, Predator Rampage, Chicken Catch, and Fence Trap. Up to four players can compete or cooperate as the critters run wild. So roll up those sleeves and grab a friend – those critters won’t catch themselves!

Wii Logo CueSports - Snooker vs Billiards (5.0) Sports

Grab your Wii Remote and take a shot at this virtual billiard game! Enjoy "Matchups", playing classic favourites such as "Snooker", "9 Ball", "8 Ball" and "Rotation", as well as walk-through trick shots in "Puzzle" mode.

Connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to go head-to-head with your friends or even hustle opponents across the world in Nintendo WFC Matchups.

This game offers two types of controls, allowing you to virtually "Strike" the cue ball with your Wii Remote, or use the buttons to adjust the strength of your shot and then "Strike". Put in time honing your skills in “Practice” mode, learning all the cool techniques you need to be a true hustler.

Use the edit feature to create your own challenge and nail the trick shot you have always dreamed of sinking. Pull off an amazing shot and show everyone who’s the biggest shark in the pool!

Wii Logo Defend your Castle (5.0) Action, Strategy

Prepare to Defend your Castle against the relentless army of crayon invaders! Those crafty barbarian hordes have amassed their forces once again to challenge your domain. Will you and your court rise to the challenge, or stand aside as they raze your Castle to the ground?

You are the commander of your castle, and it is your duty to pick up the enemy and mercilessly fling them to their demise. Perform this task well, for the invaders you face are numerous and employ many different types of soldiers in their quest for your castle.

Attacks come at dawn. The Barbarian invaders arrive in relentless waves until nightfall, when they return to their camp. Luckily the game provides a few tricks up your invisible sleeve including powerful spells, and the capability to convert enemy troops into soldiers to help defend your walls. You can also purchase upgrades and repairs for your castle, which are miraculously administered overnight while the barbarian hordes snore in their camps!

Wii Logo Dr. Mario Online Rx (5.0) Puzzle, Action

In addition to the classic mode of using vitamins to exterminate viruses, you'll find two battle modes and an online multiplayer mode where you can hone your skills against players from around the world. Feel like challenging a friend who doesn't have Dr. Mario Online Rx? Then the WiiWare-exclusive Friend Battle Demo is just what the doctor ordered. Or maybe you'd like some help taking on those nasty viruses? Try out Virus Buster, where four players can simultaneously move capsules simply by pointing at them with a Wii Remote controller.


Wii Logo Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals: My Life as a King (8.5) Simulation

According to legend, a deserted town now serves as the lifeless reminder of a once powerful kingdom. The young son of an exiled king reaches this land after a long journey, finding only an abandoned castle – and a magic crystal. Though tarnished by years of neglect, the crystal has maintained its luminous glow and bestows upon the boy the power of architek, the ability to manifest memories into reality. With the help of loyal servants and audacious adventurers, the new king dutifully prepares to rebuild his people’s homeland in this new realm.

Wii Logo Family Table Tennis (5.0) Sports

Just like a real family, choose your character from a cast of four, which includes Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy. There are four table tennis-tastic stages where it doesn't matter if you're an indoors or outdoors table-tennis player. Pick your poison from a gymnasium, a forest park, a beach or even an amusement park. Choose from Single or Versus mode, or select a minigame to play. In Versus mode, you and a friend can play against each other to see who is the better table-tennis player. And if Single and Versus modes aren't enough, select between three minigames, which include Target Table Tennis, Thrilling Table Tennis and Matching Table Tennis.

Wii Logo Fun Fun Minigolf (5.0) Sports

Play minigolf with your friends in beautiful environments. Choose a character and turn your Wii Remote controller into a golf club. With its easy-to-use controls, all you need to do is aim, swing and see who’s the best putter. Play 27 holes spread across America, Asia and Europe. Enjoy exotic locations all over the world. Go for gold in single-player mode, or invite your friends. Fun! Fun! Minigolf supports up to four players. You can use one to four Wii Remote controllers. Fun! Fun! Minigolf is the ultimate party game for everyone.

Wii Logo Groovin Blocks (5.0) Puzzle, Music

A music-based game like no other, Groovin' Blocks adds innovative musical game play to an addictive action/puzzle game foundation. Play to the rhythm of the music to increase your score, and try to hit "Superbeats" to double your multiplier. Go for the high score in each of the 27 stages as you collect stars to unlock 15 levels of power-ups. Groovin' Blocks features three skill levels, from the accessible Casual to the fiendish Hard mode. Play with your friends in co-op mode or against them head-to-head. Head-to-head brings it up a notch as the power-ups now become attacks on your opponent. Play head-to-head with people of all skill levels using a golf-style handicapping system.

Wii Logo Gyrostarr (5.0) Action

Gyrostarr challenges you and up to three other players to fly through a twisting, turning techno-plasma canal in space, collecting energy to penetrate an alien portal and warp to the next conduit. Without that energy, your space vessels will smash head-first into the unforgiving anti-void. Making your task more challenging, each conduit is patrolled by a variety of vicious enemy spacecraft that want to destroy your ships and feast on your collected energy. You must avoid their attacks and harvest their energy by destroying them first! 50 levels of intense action, powerful pickups, bonus levels, 1-4 player mayhem and a unique & flexible control system make Gyrostarr a killer hardcore arcade title!

All Tied Up - Up to four-player same-screen arcade action, using any combination of Wii Remotes or Nunchuks, using motion control or non-motion control – user choice.
High Treason – Multiplayer mode is competitive and cooperative.
The Elf Shot the Food – Irritate other players by “juggling” powerups so they can’t be claimed.
The Spy who Snagged It – Grab pickups from far ahead, or snare them before another player can – with the Grapple Shot.
Super-sized – 50 levels of procedurally generated space-track tucked into less than 40 MB.
Lay Waste – Destructive smart bombs, impenetrable shields, and electrifying weapon powerups keep the explosions coming.
All Your Base – Variety in tactics, defenses, and special abilities makes our multiple enemy types a strategic challenge.
Stat Heads – Score Multipliers accumulate when players deftly avoid enemy fire, and bonuses for accomplishing intra-level achievements.

Wii Logo Home Sweet Home (5.0) Puzzle, Simulation

Picture this scene...
You move into your new home and every room is perfect. Every room, except one. Here is the blank canvas for your vision but you lack the know-how.

Who do you call? The Home Sweet Home team! Home Sweet Home will give you the chance to unleash your hidden talents as an Interior Designer. You choose the furniture, patterns, and colors to create a masterpiece that will blow your client away.

With simple controls, a fun graphical style, and an easy to use interface, Home Sweet Home allows you to nurture your creative side. Remember, a house is not a home until it is a Home Sweet Home!

Wii Logo Helix (5.0) Simulation, Action, Sports, Music

Helix is one of the most innovative and fun music rhythm games ever designed.

Use your upper body to perform fast-paced moves as you groove to awesome music! Its a great way to have fun while getting a good workout.

Be mesmerized by the background visuals, which pulse to the beat of the music!

Enjoy incredible replay value with 26 of the most amazing dance music you've ever heard! With three difficulty levels there are 78 different levels in the game to play. Try to unlock all of the songs!

Wii Logo Hockey Allstar Shootout (5.0) Sports

Use the Wii Remote controller as a stick and take the shot as you compete in three exciting Hockey Skills Challenges. In Head 2 Head, it's just you versus the best goalies in the world in a five-puck shootout. Race against the clock to post the most goals in the fastest time. The three difficulty levels will place you against three increasingly talented goalies, each donning the jersey of their home country. In two-player mode, each player will take a turn as shooter and as goalie, and the player who scores the most goals in five shots is the winner. In Sharp Shooter, you post a high score in one of three difficulty levels by breaking as many targets as you can. Each time a shot fails to break a target, an X will appear in the upper left corner. Three misses and the game is over. Power Shot has you take your best shot and watch the Shot-Speed Clock light up. You have three attempts to blast the fastest shot you can, and only the best speeds will grace the high score list.


Wii Logo LostWinds (5.0) Adventure, Platform

LostWinds is a fresh, enchanting adventure that lets you wield the awesome powers of Enril the wind spirit - from raging tornados to the gentlest breeze – to guide and protect Toku, a young boy who is the only one who can help you release the curse placed upon the world of Mistralis and its people by evil Balasar.

Mistralis is a stunningly presented, magical land full of wonder and intrigue that bursts to life with your every action and exploration. LostWinds’ novel, playful controls let you use Enril’s elemental powers to jump and glide Toku through Mistralis’ different regions, buffet and smash enemies and solve puzzles on their journey to a dramatic showdown.

Bursting with new gameplay ideas that embrace the Wii Remote, LostWinds puts the power of the wind in the palm of your hand.

Wii Logo Mega Man 9 (7.9) Adventure, Action, Platform

Mega Man fans, your wait is over! The classic Blue Bomber that debuted in 1987 is back with the ninth installment in the classic series. It's a new adventure for Mega Man all done in an 8-bit style -- graphics, music, and gameplay are all like you remember them!

Hard Mode
This mode enables you to play the entire game on an increased difficulty level with alternate enemy distribution and spawning points. Hard Mode is not compatible with Rankings Mode or Challenges Mode.

Expert Mode
This mode represents the apex of Mega Man 9 difficulty settings and is not for the novice Mega Man 9 player. This mode triples the level of difficulty from the default Mega Man 9 game. Expert Mode is not compatible with Rankings Mode or Challenges Mode.

Special Time Attack Stage
This DLC gives you an additional stage for Time Attack Mode, complete with an all new level and Robot Master Boss, “Fake Man.” Players will have a fun time tackling this time sensitive competitive stage. Special Time Attack Stage is not compatible with Challenges Mode.

Wii Logo My Pokémon Ranch (5.0) Simulation

Pokémon and Miis come together for the first time in My Pokémon Ranch, available exclusively through WiiWare. Enjoy the relaxing Ranch life by watching over your Ranch and its Pokémon, taking pictures and sending those pictures to your friends. The more Pokémon and Miis that you bring to your Ranch, the more fun it becomes!

At My Pokémon Ranch, you can watch your Pokémon dance, march in a parade and give your Mii a ride around the Ranch. You never know what your favourite Pokémon will do next! When you’re ready to show off your Ranch, invite your Wii Friends to pay it a visit via Wii Connect 24.

Hayley, the creator of Pokémon Ranch, has a dream to one day see the grounds of the Ranch filled with Pokémon. Acting as the caretaker of the Ranch with your chosen Mii, it’s up to you help make Hayley’s dream a reality! You will start with just six Pokémon on the ranch, with a new one added each day to help fill every acre of the grounds.

Wii/DS Connection
Using the Wi-Fi capabilities of the Wii and Nintendo DS, My Pokémon Ranch can be linked with Nintendo DS Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, and you can deposit the Pokémon you’ve caught in these games to your Ranch. You can deposit a maximum of 1,000 Pokémon from up to eight different Pokémon Game Cards.

Your Ranch may be small at first, but it will expand to huge proportions if you transfer lots of Pokémon. You can even create a special Ranch, such as a Piplup Ranch or a Pikachu Ranch, and show it off to your friends. Even if you don’t own Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl, you can still create a bustling ranch full of friendly Pokémon!

For those that do own Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl, Hayley will occasionally send you a special request to catch a specific Pokémon that you haven’t caught yet in Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl. As you complete these requests, you’ll get closer to completing your National Pokédex!

Take snapshots
When your Pokémon and Miis interact at the Ranch, they can find themselves in some funny situations. If you spot something particularly cute or unusual, snap a picture and show it off to your friends. You can display your pictures on the Wii Message Board or save them to an SD Card.

Wii Logo My Aquarium (5.0) Simulation

Swaying aquatic plants…
Fish idly swimming about…
My Aquarium is a relaxing, Wii software experience which allows you to enjoy a virtual aquarium in your spare time.

Regardless of fresh or saltwater, you can select from over 40 popular types of fish; including favorites like the Ocellaris Clownfish, the Freshwater Angelfish, and the Asian Arowana. You can also create up to six different aquariums and personalize them by adding decorations like seaweed and driftwood.

In My Aquarium, you can send aquariums to your registered friends. The aquariums can even be set with special dates, such as a friend's birthday, when the fish will commemorate it with a dance.

Feed your fish, and watch them steadily grow from fry to adult. Then, after meeting certain conditions, you can breed them!

Another fun feature will allow you to interact with your fish using your Wii Remote, such as "tapping" the glass of your aquarium!

Wii Logo MaBoShi: The Three Shape arcade (5.0) Action

This unique arcade action title features three games in one, based on three classic shapes: circle, bar and square. There are three game windows on screen at the same time, allowing for three people to play different games simultaneously. But there is a twist – each game impacts the other players!

For every player, the goal is the same – score a million points – but the challenge is different, whether you’re bashing enemies in Circle Mode, weaving your way through Bar Mode, or burning through a maze of obstacles in Square Mode.

MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade also features Mii characters, action replays that you can send to friends via WiiConnect24, and even a Nintendo DS download version for playing on the go!

Wii Logo Midnight Pool (5.0) Sports

Take a trip across America to make your dreams come true in a pool tournament worth millions.
Visit the most colourful bars and meet 7 of the coolest players on the circuit: from country music star Travis to Alison the biologist and John the sheriff. Learn the tricks of the trade through tutorials along the way, while advanced players can take on challenges to show off their trick-shot abilities. Keep things interesting with 3 sets of rules.

Wii Logo Midnight Bowling (5.0) Simulation, Sports

Plunge directly into the trendy and electric atmosphere of Midnight Bowling!

With awesome playing sensations, prepare for ultra-fun gaming thanks to a new physics engine that lets you control your throws precisely and easily with your Wii Remote and make spectacular spins that will impress your opponents!

Face up to 3 friends in the fun Party mode where your playing abilities will be put to the test! Whatever your level, launch yourself into the immersive career mode where you will play in the trendiest bowling spots of the planet against charismatic characters that will give you a run for your money!

Wii Logo MaBoShi's Arcade (5.0) Action

Featuring three distinct modes and simultaneous play across three game windows, the constantly changing environment of Maboshi's Arcade creates an atmosphere unlike any other. Each of the modes is based on one of three familiar shapes (circle, stick and square) and offers the same goal: score a million points. Use the intuitive controls to bash enemies in Circle mode, weave your way through Stick mode or burn a path around obstacles in Square mode-all while dealing with power-up items and keeping watch on which effects the other game windows may have on your own. Also featuring Mii™ characters, action replays that you can send to your Wii™ Friends via WiiConnect24™, and the ability to download a version to a Nintendo DS™, you may never want to leave this arcade.

Wii Logo Madstone (5.0) Puzzle, Action

Time is short. Earth trembles as the forces of nature stir and grow restless. Can you turn the tide? In this dynamic puzzle game, you must clear the path for your elemental MadStones to reach the bottom of the screen. Blocks can be broken by striking them directly or by the force of falling objects. The novice tries frantically to break enough blocks, while the master sets up cascading collapses with only a handful of direct strikes. As two sides struggle for domination, titanic forces build, only to be unleashed in an earth-shaking final confrontation. Experience the mystical single-player journey, or challenge a friend in competitive two-player mode.

Wii Logo Magnetica Twist (8.9) Puzzle, Action

This 2007 Nintendo DS puzzle game comes to WiiWare with a new twist – literally! Pick your favourite Mii and take control of the Gemstone Launch Pad by twisting the Wii Remote back and forth. The object is to fire Gemstones and make groups of matching colours disappear before they reach the end of the line.

Jump straight into the action with Quick Play modes for one or two players, put your skills to the ultimate test in Challenge Mode or see if you can survive Quest Mode where every level brings a new way to play!

Or, if you’re in a party mood, try Multiplayer Mode for up to four players! You can play with friends, against the computer or a combination of both. Work together to clear the Gemstones or compete to see who’s the Magnetica/Actionloop Twist master!

Wii Logo Major League Eating: The Game (5.0) Action, Sports

The game features the world's greatest gurgitory athletes competing across a variety of foods and venues. Built much like a classic fighting game and deeper than a Chicago style deep-dish pizza, MLE: The Game requires players to master a smorgasbord of offensive and defensive weapons including bites, burps, belches, mustard gas and jalape?o flames while cramming and chewing food at a world-class pace. It's not for the faint of heart, the slow of reflex, or those with an overly strong aversion to a Technicolor reversal of fortune.

Major League Eating: The Game uses the Wii Remote to simulate a variety of eating techniques including the cram, toss, and 'typewriter.' Burp-offs and Hot Potato challenges during the contests keep the competition intense and eaters on their toes.

Major League Eating: The Game is for one or two players, offers online play and a leader board.

Major League Eating, the professional league which oversees all top eating events in the nation, including the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, counts among its members Takeru Kobayashi, the Japanese eating phenomenon, and American Joey Chestnut, current champion of the world.


Wii Logo Pop (9.3) Puzzle

Pop is all about popping bubbles! It may sound simple but there are lots of things you can do to get a high-score and have fun. Just keep an eye on the timer because when it runs out it's game-over!

Each bubble is worth both points and time so try to fill up your timer first then focus on scoring high. You can then start to chain the same color of bubble for big points by popping bubbles of the same color. This is a great way to increase you score.

Friends can join you in a game of Pop too! Whenever you are playing all they need to do is connect their Wii Remote and then join in the action. Watch out because they may start using power-ups to hold you back! If they do try to pump up some bubbles or detonate a nuke this will create a shock-wave which will destroy any matching colors of bubbles it touches.

Finally there are badges for completing certain objectives; online high-score tables and WiiConnect24 messages so you can keep up with your friends progress and boast about your own.

Wii Logo Pirates: The Key of Dreams (5.0) Adventure, Action

Pirates: The Key of Dreams is a frantic nautical shoot-em-up. Sail your way across the Caribbean, cannons blazing, looting booty, running blockades, and ultimately, battling Blackbeard himself.

The player takes control of a Navy Captain sent deep undercover as a ruthless Pirate, in order to seek out and retrieve The Key of Dreams, a valuable and dangerous cursed artifact. Rescue castaways to bolster your ship's crew, gaining performance increases to your navigation, weaponry, structural integrity and cartography skills. Collect increasingly powerful weaponry including Rockets, Mines, Chain Shot, Saw Blades and a Flamethrower to hurl destruction into the path of your enemies.

Play against three of your scurvy friends or AI opponents in pitched multiplayer battles over 35 levels, in seven themed environments. Choose from different ship types that reflect your play style. Play in turbo mode if you're Pirate enough!

Wii Logo Potpourri (5.0) Action, Puzzle

In the puzzle game Potpourri, everything revolves around the seasons.

For centuries, the seasons have followed a set pattern. But then things start to go awry in the forest. Suddenly, it's snowing while the sun shines and flowers bloom while leaves are falling. Then a strange purple goo appears. The leprechauns are stunned. Even worse, the magic oak of life loses its power.

It all turns out to be the fault of an evil wizard. You must help the leprechauns defeat him and restore natural order. To do this you need to collect seasonal spirits. Pick them up with the spirit cannon, shoot them at the center of the screen, group them and make them disappear. But watch out - they get faster and faster

In short:
A puzzle game that keeps you hooked
Colourful visuals and beautiful effects
Easy to use Wii Remote controls
Play alone or with a second player
Use your Mii character

Wii Logo Pit Crew Panic! (5.0) Action, Puzzle, Strategy

A frantic action-packed game that unfolds on the racing circuit. During the game, the pit crew is not only faced with repairing vehicles, but various WHATSITs as well! Handling the WHATSIT repairs is a pit crew made up of legendary beauties! Simple Controls! Just grab a member of the crew with the Wii Remote's A Button, release the button when the Pointer is over the damaged PART, and that crew member will begin repairs. Assign repairs to the members of your team, and provide support using the Wii Remote to send a fully repaired WHATSIT out of the pit as quick as you can! The game features Normal Mode which can be played using one of two rules; an Abnormal Mode where players split into two teams and compete against each other; and a Ranking Mode where you compete with players around the world for the top record. Each mode can be played with a maximum of 4 Wii Remotes, allowing you to team up with friends and family. In short, your teamwork could lead to outstanding records!

Wii Logo PLÄTTCHEN - twist 'n' paint (8.9) Puzzle, Action

PLÄTTCHEN – twist ’n’ paint is a crazy, challenging Puzzle Shooter for more than 100 hours of fun with up to 8 players simultaneously.

Guard the birth of ZeLeLi and free them from the menace of the evil black Shadow Plättchen.

Play as one of the countless FantasyMEs and fight as an astronaut, butterfly, car, football and many more against sharks, cowboys, asteroids and skulls in the numerous fabulous Fantasy Worlds.

Use items and multipliers in combos to fight yourself onto the top of the high scores and find the perfect way to solve a level!

Become wild in the three completely different game modes of PLÄTTCHEN – twist ’n’ paint with more than 300 levels. Twist yourself along with your friends cooperatively or against each other through the many multiplayer modes.

Screen text in English. This game can also be played with the Wii Zapper

Wii Logo Pong Toss (5.0) Sports

Pony up--it's Pong Toss time. Compete against your friends or the computer in this ultimate party-game favorite. Play on a regulation table with up to four players. Make consecutive shots for the Fireball bonuses and Roll-Backs as you or your team try to dominate the table and reign as Pong Toss champs. In Speed Pong, up to three challengers can compete at the same time. Speed and strategy are the keys to this fast-paced game. Jack up your opponents by using a slew of power-ups that will slow them down. The first one who sinks the last cup wins it all. Be fast. Be furious. Be victorious.

Wii Logo Protöthea (5.0) Action, Adventure

Protöthea has a compelling storyline that immerses players into an adventure where they will need to destroy an asteroid called "Maqno 01 and sabotage the plans of a political faction called "The Core." Players will quickly jump right in and guide their ship through multiple missions on futuristic planets where enemy AI is dynamic and will change based on the player's actions so there are no predictable enemy paths, and therefore always a different game play experience. Players will have a wide range of eight different air-to-air weapons and two different air-to-ground bombs at their disposal, and can attack however they choose. In addition, there is a special power that decelerates time, allowing players to easily avoid enemy fire while they are able to move rapidly and attack enemies.

Pick Up and Play
Protöthea takes full advantage of the Nintendo Wii Remote™ and Nunchuck giving players total control of their ship via an easy-to-play and extremely intuitive control scheme.

Graphical Prowess
The game takes place in a complete 3D world packed with graphically rich environments, non-stop action featuring explosions and cool special effects.

Enemy AI
Unlike traditional scrolling shooters where enemy paths and maneuvers were predictable, the enemy AI in Protöthea is dynamic and changes based on the player’s actions.


Wii Logo Star Soldier R (5.0) Shooter

A new kind of shooter where players aim for the best scores within a 2 or 5-minute time limit! Develop various scoring strategies and pump out those points within the breakneck timeframe! In-depth gameplay, tons of replayability!

Assembled in record time to counter the advance of a powerful enemy, the mysterious Brain Forces, the "Caesar" starfighter takes off to fight for the very future of mankind! Shoot down countless enemies, upgrade your ship to the max with power-ups hidden throughout the levels, and carry out an all-out assault against the core of the enemy fortress! Combining the excitement of shoot'em-ups with in-depth scoring strategies, this state-of-the-art competitive shooter will keep you coming back for more!

Upload your best scores with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and pit your skills against the world's best fighter pilots from the comfort of your living room! Hone your skills and show the world who's boss!

Wii Logo SPOGS Racing (5.0) Racing

Coming at you full throttle is SPOGS Racing™, an all-new racer from D2C Games™ featuring classic arcade racing, pick-up-and-play controls, all-new racing vehicles and Crash N’ Grab™ instant upgrades. Jump in, gear up and modify your ride on-the-fly as you compete head-to-head for a totally outrageous arcade racing experience on your Wii™ game system. Whether you’re a casual gamer or hardcore racer, SPOGS Racing™ features fun for all and is a must have download for your WiiWare™ digital game library.

Wii Logo Strong Bad Episode 1 Homestar Ruiner (5.0) Puzzle, Action, Adventure

Charming. Suave. Awesome. These are the words Strong Bad would use to describe himself. In a world gone mad, only one man can be trusted to save the day. A man with an attitude. A man called Strong Bad.

As the star of the Homestar Runner web cartoons, Strong Bad has been answering emails (in boxing gloves), pranking his friends, pummeling his enemies, and making people with questionable taste snort milk out of their noses for years now. And he's branched out to star in Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, a 5-episode series.

In Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner, when Strong Bad's plans to beat the snot out of Homestar backfire, he ends up with an unwanted houseguest cramping his style. Now he needs to get life back to normal, by any means possible. But wait, there's more! Teen Girl Squad comics! Achievements! Funny costumes! Arcade games! You can even send pictures and emails to Wii friends using Strong Bad's computer! So how about it? Can you handle Strong Bad's style?

Wii Logo Strong Bad Episode 2 - Strong Badia the Free (5.0) Puzzle, Action, Adventure

Strong Badia the Free is the second of five monthly episodes starring Strong Bad – the self-proclaimed "coolest person ever" – and the rest of the cast from the popular Homestar Runner web cartoons.

When Strong Bad fails to obey the King of Town's totally unfair email tax, he's placed under house arrest. Once freed from his wrongful imprisonment, Strong Bad goes on a mission to unite the local warring factions under the Strong Badian flag. Is Free Country USA ready for such an awesome ruler?

Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free also has the Videlectrix arcade classic "Math Kickers featuring the Algebros", plus all new achievements, collectibles, costumes, and Teen Girl Squad comics. You can even use Strong Bad's Lappy to send emails and pictures to your Wii friends! So what are you waiting for? Fire up Strong Badia the Free and get ready to kick some doughy King of Town butt!

Wii Logo Strong Bad Episode 3: Baddes of the Bands (5.0) Puzzle, Action, Adventure

Rock and roll! Hurting for cash, Strong Bad sets out to dominate the "Battle Royale of the Bands". Can he rule the stage and win the big prize? Or will he be drowned out by the competition? Find out in this high-voltage episode!

Wii Logo Strong Bad Episode 4 - Dangeresque (5.0) Puzzle, Action, Adventure

Move over, James Bond! Strong Bad is here to show you how it's done in his hand-crafted cinematic masterpiece, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective. You play Dangeresque, a dirty cop in pursuit of a little action and several big sacks of cash. Can our hero stay alive long enough to defeat his arch-nemesis, save the world, and get the girl? Looks like he's gonna have to jump…

Wii Logo Strong Bad Episode 5: 8-Bit Is Enough (5.0) Puzzle, Action, Adventure

Trogdor, the beefy-armed dragon of legend, has shaken free from his video game and is running through the countryside, "burninating" everything in sight. With a dragon on the loose and 8-bit classics leaking into the real world, it's all fun and games until the proud land of Strong Badia falls to Trogdor's fiery wrath. Now Strong Bad must take back the night by sending this scorching menace back into his arcade cabinet once and for all. Just one problem: Does anybody know how to kill a dragon?

Wii Logo Sudoku Challenge (5.0) Puzzle, Strategy, Edutainment

Now’s your chance to play the brain-busting puzzle game taking the world by storm.

With over 100,000,000 Sudoku puzzles, you’ll never see the same puzzle twice in Sudoku Challenge! You can select the classic nine-by-nine Sukodu gameboards as well as Grand Sudoku which challenges you to complete five intersecting Sudoku boards simultaneously! Just a beginner? Don’t worry – With three difficulty options, even the most novice player can complete a Sudoku with ease. But if you’re a seasoned pro, challenge yourself in ‘Expert’ mode and test your true skills.

It’s time to get your thinking cap on and see how many Sudoku puzzles you can conquer!

Wii Logo Space Invaders Get Even (5.0) Action

The Space Invaders are back, and this time they're out to get even!

Take control of a UFO and make those Earthlings pay by unleashing your fleet of heroic invaders against their puny tanks, fighter jets and artillery.

Use your invaders' five attack types and the might of the mother ship to rack up high scores, then upload them via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and see where you stand in the worldwide rankings!

Wii Logo Sandy Beach (5.0) Simulation, Action

Sandy Beach is a fully 3D sandcastle building game that utilizes the Wii remote to form and detail elaborate sand castles, images of which can then be captured and saved to your photo gallery. Players will be able enjoy co-op play as they design their sandcastle on the tranquil shores of Sandy Beach. Watch out for the invading crabs in Crab Battle mode as they storm your sandcastle. Players will need to strategically build their sandcastle and defend it with cannons as the crabs seek total destruction of your mighty sand creations. After successfully defending your castle use your metal detector to search for hidden treasures to adorn your sandcastle or even find additional cannon to aid in warding off the pesky crabs.


All of the fun, excitement and artistry of building a sandcastle is brought home to the Wii
Defend your sandcastle in Crab Battle mode as waves of crabs attempt to flatten your creation
Capture pictures of your sandcastle and save them in the photo album
Build by yourself or have a partner join you in co-op play as you play on the virtual beach designing your sandcastles

Wii Logo TV Show King (8.5) Trivia Quiz

Confront friends and family and become King of a TV quiz game show! Let your Mii try to answer fun and challenging trivia questions, from the classics to original stumpers, spanning across history, geography, literature, science, sports and entertainment! For an extra challenge, these questions will make you use your Wiimote in original ways: as torchlight to reveal shadowed answers, or scratching a surface to discover them. It’s not only about being fast and smart!

TV Show King will challenge your brain to earn big sums of money. Do you feel lucky enough to spin the wheel and win even more? Will you risk losing part or all of your fast-earned cash?

Make it to the finals and see who can win the greatest amount of cash in one last, ultimate duel. TV Show King will challenge your brain! Now, get ready… get set… and go play TV Show King!

Wii Logo Tori Tori (5.0) Tori Tori

Tori Tori is his name and collecting eggs is his game!

In this puzzle / platform game, players get to use a variety of items such as the Telewarp, InstantRock and Slug Sucker. Clever use and combinations of these items is needed to solve all the game's levels, of which there are more than 70. These levels range from easy to brain-teasingly hard, resulting in dozens of hours of puzzle play-time.

Toki Tori makes the most out of what the Wii has to offer. It uses the Wii Remote for a unique control scheme, which offers players a new and more relaxing play style. A second player can help you out, by drawing hints while you are playing. The game even uses the Wii Message Board in a unique way!

In short, Toki Tori: is a puzzle / platform game, offers dozens of hours of gameplay, uses multiple Wii Remotes for a new play style and uses the Wii Message Board.

Wii Logo The Incredible Maze (5.0) Puzzle

Get lost in The Incredible Maze!

Simply tilt your Wii Remote to navigate a series of exciting and twisted mazes. Entering the maze could not be easier, but finding your way out will require a keen eye and a steady hand. Obstacles and traps are around every corner, so move your ball around the maze without falling off the edge. But watch out, there are lots of surprises in store. You can hunt for gems in a timed challenge, or test your abilities in a race against the clock. The Incredible Maze is also compatible with the Wii Balance Board so you can really put your weight into it.

This is the way in, but you’ll have to find your own way out.

Wii Logo Tetris Party (5.0) Puzzle

Tetris Party is a deceptively simple, totally addictive puzzle game that is sure to keep you and all of your friends and family entertained for hours on end. The WiiWare game features ten never-before-seen single-player and multiplayer variations of Tetris, including Field Climber, Stage Racer, Shadow, and Wii Balance Board-enabled modes. And several of the modes give users the chance to take advantage of the unique point-and-shoot capabilities of the Wii Remote. The party doesn't stop there. Take the Tetris fun online via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection, where you can play multiplayer Tetris against up to five friends at a time. You can also see how your Tetris Party skills stack up against the rest of the world using the global ranking system.

Wii Logo Target Toss Pro: Bags (5.0) Sports

Target Toss Pro: Bags is a new video game based on beanbag toss, the nation's hottest backyard and tailgate sensation. Bags – or Cornhole, as it's called in some parts of the country – originated in the Midwest in the 1960s and has since become a staple at outdoor social events from coast to coast. Similar to horseshoes, Bags is a deceptively simple yet extremely competitive game where players try to toss beanbags into a hole in a slightly raised platform or "box" for points. Whether at a tailgate party or a summer barbecue, the game has become a social focal point, and the unmistakable thud of bags hitting the box is now a universal party soundtrack.

Wii Logo Tiki Towers (5.0) Puzzle

Towers is a game of construction, destruction, problem-solving and monkeys. Reclaim the islands of your tribe by defeating a series of evil enemy chiefs. Work with your monkey friends to build towers out of bamboo poles, coconuts and vines. Match wits against the enemy chiefs bent on destroying your towers and driving you from the islands. Navigate levels filled with crazy building challenges, and deal with unfriendly wildlife and other environmental obstacles. Get your monkeys to chant for the BananaMana necessary to counter enemy attacks. Play in either single-player or two-player cooperative mode in this game where monkeys rule.


Wii Logo VIP Blackjack (5.0) Cards, Strategy

V.I.P. Casino Blackjack offers the richest and most realistic blackjack experience available today. Unlike the static 2D interfaces found in other titles, V.I.P. Casino Blackjack breaks new ground with fully realized characters, cards, and casinos rendered in real-time 3D on High Voltage Software's proprietary Quantum 3 Game Engine technology. The game offers four-player multiplayer as well as 20 challenges for players to unlock on their own.


The world’s most played casino card game makes its Wii debut with highly detailed characters, true-to-life animations, and advanced artificial intelligence making this the most realistic blackjack game ever made.
Challenge up to three of your friends to see who can gain the biggest bank roll within a certain number of hands.
Gain rewards for completing deviously fun challenges in solo-play while pitting your skills against the Dealer.
New players rejoice as you learn the intricacies of the game through our detailed in-game guide and easily accessible quick-view strategy cards.

Wii Logo Wild West Guns (5.0) Action

Draw your revolver and see if you're the fastest gun in the West! Adjust your speed and precision as targets or enemies appear in front of you: point and shoot to earn more points. You can aim at anything so be sure to explore the environment for elements that will earn you more shooting points. Identify your enemies among the characters you encounter, but don't shoot at innocent citizens! Take part in an Old West-style train attack or challenge your skills in a variety of increasingly difficult shooting challenges in other beautiful, classic and lively Western environments. As you progress through challenges, you’ll earn medals and rewards, making for non-stop and addictive action. Play in a 2-player multiplayer mode where you and your partner can combine points, or play against each other to find out who’s the fastest gun in the West.

Wii Logo World of Goo (8.9) Puzzle, Strategy

World of Goo is an award-winning physics-based puzzle/construction game made entirely by two guys. Grab living, squirming, talking globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues. The millions of Goo Balls that live in the beautiful World of Goo are curious to explore - but they don't know they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.

World of Goo Corporation is contractually obligated to state that everyone is a winner and is enthusiastic to celebrate everyone's goo building opportunities equally.


Wii Logo Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam (5.0) Action, Cooking

Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam is a frenetically-active cooking game in which you have to serve the food your customers order as quickly as possible. This could be a simple task, but the customers aren't very patient and you'll find a multitude of bothersome insects that make the noble mission of satisfying your small gourmets' stomachs much more difficult. In the game's Career Mode, your goal is to become the best chef in the city. To do so, you have to show your worth cooking in four fantastic restaurants: the Hot Dog, Hamburger, Pizza and Mexican Restaurants. Enjoy playing Yummy Yummy with your family, serving delicious food to the most surprising characters: vampires, ninjas, extraterrestrials and mafia ruffians. Put your chef's hat on, sharpen your knives and turn the heat on the cooker up, because you have to show the entire world who the fastest, skilful chef is.


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