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Mountain Bike Trails

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Kanata Lakes [SMH]
Trail photos

Mountain Biking Trail Information

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South March Highlands/Kanata Lakes
So far I've been in the Kanata Lakes or SMH (South March Highlands) trails and I hope to have photos and trail information available soon. The South March Highlands Conservation Forest consists of 457 hectares of municipally owned land within the larger South March Highlands forest and natural environment area. Download a map Here. or check out some photos of the trails Here.

Stony Swamp
I have also discovered the trail system called Stony Swamp the area comprises almost 2000 hectares of woodland, wetland and regenerating old field, and has the largest forested area in the Greenbelt. The area is full of trails that allow travel along the entire system some of the major routes are Jack Pine Trail, Old Quarry Trail, Beaver and Chipmunk Trails. You can also access the Trans Canada trail from the same area and basically ride from Kanata to Orleans. Download a map Here.

Camp Fortune
I have also heard that Camp Fortune has both Down-Hill and Cross Country trails located at their site. A seasons pass for the Cross country is only about $50. Download a map Here.

Gatineau Park
Also a lot of trails are available in the Gatineau Park with 90 kilometres of trails that follow the main roads. The trails begin at the entrance to the Park and stretch to Philippe Lake. To ensure that this activity does not adversely affect the Park, only the following trails are available for mountain biking.
Chelsea trails 1, 1B, 4, 15, 24, 25, 26, 30 and 40
Philippe Lake trails 50, 51, 52, 54, 55 and 56
A $10 charge per visit applies but a season pass for $70 can be purchased also. Download a map Here.

The routes below are suitable for all riders and bikes.

Ottawa River Parkway
Starting on the western side of downtown, this bikepath runs along the south side of the Ottawa River. You'll pass scenic lookouts and two public beaches. It's possible to follow the route to Kanata for a distance of approximately twenty kilometres.

Colonel By Drive
This route follows the Rideau Canal, from the Rideau Centre (by the Congress Centre), past Dow's Lake, past Carleton University, to Hog's Back Falls. (Mooney's Bay Public Beach is just across the street). Distance of approximately 10 kilometres each way.

Rockcliffe Parkway
Starting on the east side of downtown, this route brings you through scenic (and wealthy) Rockcliffe Park. It finishes at St. Joseph Boulevard for a distance of approximately nine kilometres.

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