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CowTech 3D Scanner

The CowTech Ciclop is a scanner with a large scan volume, simple, yet elegant design, and a $99 price point that blows any other laser scanner out of the water. The user prints the plastic parts on their own printer in any color and resolution they choose, and can assemble the scanner in less than 30 minutes. Then, simply take any object you want to replicate, set it on the 200mm laser cut acrylic turntable, and start scanning.

This is what you get in the kit, the rest you need to print yourself!

Once the circuit boards are assembled they will look this this (click to enlarge).

Finished scanner from the scanning table (click to enlarge).

View from the side (click to enlarge).

view form the rear (click to enlarge).

Windows 10 Anniversary update has changed how web-cam drivers access the system so until Logitech or Microsoft fixes the issue I can't scan anything.

under construction more to come..

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