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Bevel 3D Scanner

How does Bevel work?

Bevel uses an eye safe laser light, and the existing camera on your Android or IOS device, to capture photographs in a whole new dimension. Simply plug it in, and pan the person, place or thing you want to capture. Bevel creates beautiful 3D photographs that you can use in amazing ways.

Visit the Bevel website Here


Now this is a Kickstarter Campaign and I have not received the scanner yet so updates here are going to be only after it ships....

Bevel has arrived! It arrived on April 20 2017

I unpacked and charged the Bevel, after it was fully charged I proceeded to install the Bevel app from the Google play store. You start with the front facing camera and hold the included "Checkerboard Target" at various distances and locations as instructed for the camera to see it correctly. Then the laser turns on and you repeat but this time the laser needs to fall upon the large black strip and the bottom of the target. Once this is done you get to take your first 3D selfie.The process is fairly painless and quick but on my Samsung S4 (I know it's old) the actual rendering on the photo took about 5 minutes. After this first 3D selfie you can repeat the calibration procedure for the rear camera and take pictures of someone else.

It does take a little practice to align the laser and scan smoothly enough to get the detail needed too fast or too slow and the results will be pretty bad or the rendering will just fail. A white wall directly behind with nothing else in the scan area produces the best results. I have not been able to get any good scans from the rear camera yet but it could be related to so many things I'll just leave it alone until a update hits the application.

OK this was a Kickstarter so the app has been updated once already and some features promised appear to be unavailable.The obvious feature missing is the 360 degree option, currently it can only take a scan up/down in one pass giving you a profile picture only. The 360 degrees is listed as a work in progress so until it's Available you can't really do much with it yet!

Will Update when more features are working.

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