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Building the Epoch Light-Kit

The kit itself sells for $19.99 and contains all the needed parts to build the lights, you will need to have a soldering iron (15-25 watts) and some previous skill with soldering to build the kit without any issues but first here is another picture of the Honda with the light-kit. I will also mention the lights are always on and unlike the Xmods the tail-lights will not change when stopping or going in reverse.
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The kit comes with the following items:

  • 2 Blue LED's
  • 2 Red LED's
  • Red wire
  • Black wire
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • 2 resistors
  • 1 quick connector
  • Instruction sheet (click Here to see the instructions)

Once you have finished the assembly it will look more or less like the wire bundle above.

I had to drill holes into the body using a 1/8" inch drill bit to allow the LED's to be mounted and I used crazy glue to hold all the wires into the car body this makes for a nice clean install and ensures no wire or LED's move while driving. I did run into a clearance issue where the steering assembly was hitting the newly installed LED's I was able to solve it by trimming the portion of the steering posts that was above the tie rod but this means I'll be limited to wheel positioning and spring adjustment. If I had installed the LED's in the innermost position like the rear LED's I probably would have avoided the issue.

Here you can see the posts that required cutting that I was referring to above.

You may be able to just purchase the parts needed yourself to build the light-kit but for the rest of us the kit as sold is fairly simple to build and the end result is very attractive as the photos show.

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