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The Audio Critic: Articles

With the exception of a new article entitled High-End Flummery all of the articles below were taken from Issue 24 of The Audio Critic.

'Hi-End Flummery'
in summary, the editors of Stereophile state that they do not use double-blind testing because it gives them different — "wrong" — answers. ABX is the terminology used for a particular kind of double-blind audio testing, a very easy kind to do. In effect, Stereophile Magazine is "dowsing" for whatever equipment they are promoting each month. Using techniques beloved of dowsers everywhere, they always find the right (usually more expensive) equipment!

Paste This in Your Hat! (What Every Audiophile Should Know and Never Forget)
A 'must' read for anyone involved with audio, Pleas read this first before anything else!

The Good Guys in the White Hats and the Bad Guys in the Black Hats: a Guide for the Perplexed
In audio, as in life, there are good guys and bad guys--good and bad manufacturers, designers, dealers, publishers, reviewers, editors, etc. Here you have them conveniently listed for reference.

Consumer and Designer Prejudices in High-End Audio: A New Way to Examine
We look at high-end audio circuitry not from the testing point of view but as an engineering discipline--and find no consistency. (Fair warning this one is not for the faint of heart, it contains highly technological themes, but a must read before you purchase your next Amplifier)

Two-Channel Stereo Is As Dead As the LP
Major improvements in any performance- based technology, especially audio, come in quantum leaps. Fundamental leaps The architecture of the Home Theater system popularized by Dolby Pro Logic programs and high-quality multichannel decoders like the Lexicon have laid the basic foundation for the next major leap forward: discrete multichannel recordings.

Thrice Shy: Multichannel Music Formats Further Considered
I will examine what are perhaps the two key considerations for music lovers:
(1) the adequacy of multichannel recording techniques in terms of what is known about localization by the human ear and
(2) the fidelity of multichannel playback systems according to the same criterion. I will also have a few words to say concerning the use of music systems in video applications.

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