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Rear Surround Speakers

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The rear surround speakers are a matched set using the same drivers as the other speakers being used in this set-up, remember 5 cheap matched speakers will sound better when used for Home Theater than whatever set of good speakers you can throw together. Timbre matching is of utmost importance in Home Theater because the sound moves forward and backward in the soundfield if you use matching drivers the sound won't change as it moves around in the soundfield but use mismatched drivers and the sound will take on the different characteristics of either speaker as it moves which will make the sound appear shallow or un-natural to the listener. The preferred set-up is to have the speakers facing each other in line with the listeners seating position and about 24'' above the ears of a seated listener as in the diagrams below.

I've dabbled with various rear speaker configurations dipole, bipolar diffuse etc.. and each works as advertised but after many hours of moving and changing rear speakers I prefer this set-up. I think its because it allows the sounds meant for the rears to be directional in the sense you know its from behind you but not so much so it enables you to pinpoint the source. I find with other configurations the sound is so dispersed and non directional your not even sure if it is coming from the rear channels. This is of course a preference but most individuals that have tried both agree this set-up works better for them.

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