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Central Canada Exhibition also known as Super Ex

The official web site is www.ottawasuperex.com
Update: photos from the final year at Lansdowne park are below, click Here
Super EX has been the mainstay of the young and old for years, the last time I visited it was more than 20 years ago! Now it's time to let the young ones experience Super Ex for the first time. Not much has changed (which is good) the Midway has some interesting new additions but the old favorites such as the Ferris-wheel and Scrambler are still here as well. We always visit on opening day to get in for free ($12 Adult $8 child) the price per ride has kept pace with the times with most rides between 3-5 tickets ($1 per ticket) for the die-hard's they offer a bracelet for $40 which offers unlimited rides. The games of chance are are still here and as popular as ever, the exhibition halls are also still here and offer quite a few distractions for the parents and children. One trend I enjoy are the free shows you can enjoy while the kids keep busy with the rides I counted five places to stop and catch a show spread through-out the grounds. If you've never been it's well worth a visit if you enjoyed visiting in previous years the formula has not changed much and you should enjoy a return visit!
Click on any photo to enlarge

Here we are Lansdowne Park

Obviously they give out free hugs to the smaller ones

This area complete with fish was in the Super Pet building

Hmm.. the possible future of the downtown core?

A full petting zoo for the kids

Higher view of the Midway

The Pirate Ship, sorry it's called 'Pharoh's Fury'

This one defies explanation so click Here to see a short video
its 3.5 megs

2010 is the last year for Super EX at Lansdowne park, it's hard to believe the EX has been located here for the past 122 years. Here are a few images from the last year at Lansdowne park.


  • Rides
  • Games
  • Exhibits
  • Shows and music
  • Fun for the whole Family
  • Good selection of food


  • Entrance fee can be expensive I suggest visiting on Opening Day
  • Food can be pricey
  • Parking is limited even in the side streets expect to walk far or pay $10 to park at local lots that spring-up just for the Super Ex.

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